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Well, it's that time of year again! The holidays and year-end are upon us. So, why not go behind the scenes and get a sneak peek with our Solutions Consultant, Don Ramsay, and our new Director of Sales and Marketing, Bernie Macht and get the scoop on:

  1. The latest and greatest feature updates to MEM and Subscription Billing
  2. The inside view of the new Property Management and ARCB portals
  3. The upcoming Subscription Billing launches for AX and NAV
  4. Current sales promotions from now until year-end
  5. How you can get your next Starbucks coffee on us!

and so much more...

A CPA certified accountant with 26 years of experience and 3 years as a Dynamics GP consultant, Don brings a wealth of experience to his role as Solutions Consultant here at Binary Stream. In his off time, he enjoys getting out for a round of golf.

The Speaker:

Don Ramsay  - Solutions Consultant

What People Have Said About Previous Webinars

"Good job as always. Great to hear about some of the new functionality."
Michael Gummel, Paradigm Technology Conuslting


"Great job with the webinar. Thank you!"
Rob Brown, SBS Group


"What a great session, thank you!"
Tracey Santos, Encore Business Solutions


About the Webinar

Q: Will this session be recorded?
A: Yes! As with all our sessions, this session will be recorded for partners that can't make it.

Q: Will I be able to ask questions?
A: You sure can. But only those that can attend can have their questions answered.

Q: Will the slides be sent out?
A: Yes! Along with a copy of the recording, a copy of the slides will also be sent out to you within a day.


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Date: Wednesday, December 13th,  2017
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2017 Year-End Product Update Webinar

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