incident report

Expediting your Incident Report (2017 Update)

Follow the steps below to expedite your incident report. Creating an incident report is a necessity when managing any of your software programs. Using the below steps will help you manage how and when you are creating and submitting incident…
upgrading a bssi product

Upgrading a BSSI Product? Follow these Steps Prior to doing so!

Upgrading a BSSI Product If you're upgrading a BSSI product or customization, here are some important steps to take. Before upgrading a BSSI product to ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible. Start GP, 365 (AX or NAV), go…
Mass One Time Charge

Binary Stream - Did You Know - Weekly Tips - Property Management (Mass One Time Charge)

Did You Know (Mass One Time Charge)... If you regularly have miscellaneous charges you want to be applied to most, if not all, tenants, you can use the Mass One Time Charge window. (Tools > Routines > PrM > Lease > mass one time…
Binary Stream

2017 Fall Newsletter - Binary Stream

Message from the Binary Stream Director of Sales   Happy Thanksgiving to our American friends! And welcome to everyone. While the holidays are just around the corner, this is not what is creating buzz and excitement at the Binary…

Evolution of Accounting (2017 Update)

The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) is celebrating 125 years of Accounting. As you can imagine, the accounting profession has changed a lot over this period.   The history of accounting Why is the history…
Streamline AP Processing

Streamline your AP process with Mekorma + Binary Stream

Mekorma & Binary Stream want to help our shared clients streamline AP processing Currently, the new Mekorma Multi-Batch Management Service (MMM) gives clients the ability to process all check and EFT payment batches from one unified screen,…
User Defined Fields

Weekly Tips - Property Management (user defined fields)

Did You Know (User Defined Fields)... You can create templates with user-defined fields so that you enter and store more pertinent data in Lease Maintenance, Property Maintenance, Unit/Site Maintenance, Tenant/Landlord Maintenance.  To show…
ERP Software

The À La Carte Trend of ERP Software - By Tudor Hofnar

With the rapid adoption of the cloud and SaaS-based pricing models, software solutions otherwise out of many users’ price ranges are now brought within reach. In recent years, many accounting solutions have sprung up with the intent to solve…
revenue lease sales

Binary Stream - Did You Know - Weekly Tips - Property Management (Year in document description)

Did You Know (Revenue Lease Sales)... In the generated revenue lease sales invoice, you can mark “Include Year in Document Description” checkbox in PrM Setup to instruct PrM to have the year included in the billing start/end dates in the…