Property Management

Property Management

Take the complexity out of property lease management with a sophisticated billing and accounting engine. Utilize our property management tool to simply & easily manage complex administration.

Streamline your ERP Processes

Better Together: Property Management and Accounting

Whether you operate retail shopping malls, restaurant franchises, commercial buildings, residential properties, real estate investment trusts, or even a port or airport authority, Binary Stream’s Property Management solution can help you manage the volume and complexity of your real estate lease agreements.

Property Management is the only solution that is fully integrated with your Microsoft Dynamics ERP accounting engine bringing together property management and financial management. Property Management gives you a comprehensive solution to manage all of your real estate business functions including accounting, lease administration, billing, and reporting.

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Take the Headache out of Lease Management

Binary Stream’s Property Management solution can help you manage any volume or complexity of both the landlord side and the tenant side real estate lease agreements. Property Management even manages ground leases for some industry requirements.

Property management is flexible enough to accommodate virtually any lease agreement, including multiple leases per tenant and multiple tenants per lease. Track tenant details, lease agreements, property insurance details, and associated sub-leases.

Capture detailed information about your tenant and landlord leases and unit information, including changes to square footage. Create various types of leases such as gross, net, hybrid, landlord or tenant leases. Property Management handles renewals (including month-to-month contracts), terminations, on-holds, and the move in/move out process.

Automate the Billing Process

Creating and distributing month-end rent invoices for your properties can be complicated at the best of times. When you have to take into consideration charge escalations, adjustments, cost recoveries, and miscellaneous charges, the billing process can be dreadfully time-consuming and prone to error.

Property Management automates the month-end billing process for you including:

  • Creates and distributes any volume of month-end rent invoices
  • Accurately calculates rent terms including variable rent terms, rent based on fixed costs, or on a percentage of sales, or user-defined data.
  • Escalate charges by rate schedules, Consumer Price Index (CPIs), percentages or fixed amounts; set caps, floors or ceilings on the CPI increases or escalation increase.
  • Add and charge for one-time or any non-recurring miscellaneous fees to individual leases, or in bulk.

Year-end processes such as CAM (common area maintenance) reconciliations and expense allocations are handled quickly and efficiently by Property Management. Additionally, the tracking and recording of variable charges such as metered charges, or sales-based rent are automated by Property Management.

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Real-time Insights into Business & Financial Performance

You want to have your finger on the pulse of all the financial goings-on at your company, but it’s just not that easy. Timely and accurate consolidated reporting across all properties is key but how is this possible if your data and reports are located in different systems, or worse, a mess of spreadsheets?

Property Management brings together a robust property management system with a powerful accounting engine which means you don’t have to log in and out of multiple systems. Plus, potential data integrity issues and time wasted working with spreadsheets are a nightmare of the past. All of the property and financial data is stored within your familiar Dynamics ERP so you can be confident that all subledgers are up-to-date, relevant data gets passed automatically to your general ledger, and all of your financial reports are up-to-date, accurate, and available in real-time.

Regulatory Compliance

Think of your business…do you have any leases?

If the answer is Yes, then you might need to comply with ASC 842, and its IFRS cousin, IFRS 16. In short, both FASB and IASB are moving to adopt a new standard, which makes lessee balance sheet presentation of virtually all leases mandatory, including operating leases over 12 months. Key balance sheet measures and ratios will change, affecting the perception of your company by financial statement readers and users, as well as changing the outlook from an analyst’s perspective.

To help you comply with these new regulations, we are enhancing Property Management with new features to specifically meet these requirements.

Compliance Regulations Old Way vs. New Way
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Self-serve customer experience

For customers that like to self-serve, a password-protected online portal is available where they can view their lease agreements, update their information, and even pay their rent.

Allowing customers to self-serve also benefits your team. The time your team is currently spending answering calls from tenants takes them off focus and off task. With the online portal, your team can get back to what they do best….their job.

Additionally, Property Management’s online portal allows your on-site staff to access lease and payment information of customers even when not in the office via their mobile device.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

With Binary Stream’s Property Management, rather than having to buy two or more new expensive systems, you can take advantage of your investment in Microsoft Dynamics ERP and extend it to satisfy your property management requirements. In addition, Property Management leverages the tools that you already use like SSRS. And, because Property Management is built right into the Microsoft ERP interface it is easy to set up, easy to learn, easy to use saving your training budget for other things. With the all of your data together in one place, you are able to eliminate the costs associated with many manual processes like re-keying data into other systems and messing with spreadsheets.

Combined with our Multi-Entity Management solution, Property Management can easily manage setting up additional properties or portfolios. No longer will you have to set up additional GP databases or migrate to an expensive Tier 1 ERP. With the Multi-Entity Management and Property Management combination, only a single database needs to be maintained and adding new properties takes minutes and does not require an IT department.

Cut Cost

Cloud-friendly and Extensible

As with all Binary Stream solutions, Property Management can be deployed in the Cloud, in a hosted environment or on-premise as part of Microsoft Dynamics ERP. Flexible pricing options include perpetual licensing and monthly subscriptions.

Property Management seamlessly integrates with Multi-Entity Management, which offers true centralization of your many entities or divisions. By integrating with Dynamics CRM, you can organize, automate and streamline complex lease and tenant activities. Get ahead of renewals, cases, billing, maintenance, and other time-consuming tasks.

Additionally, since Property Management integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics GP, you can easily extend the solution to incorporate SharePoint, CRM, GP Field Service & Maintenance, Construction & Development and other third-party solutions such as Key2Act Job Costing, Mekorma, SmartFill and various BI and reporting tools.

A Fully Integrated Solution to Simplify Property Management

Seamless Integration to Microsoft Dynamics GP & Flexible Deployment Options

  • Property Management is built in Dexterity, the native programming language of Dynamics GP. With the same look and feel as you are used to in Dynamics GP, training time is minimized.
  • Our products can be deployed on-premise, in a hosted environment or in the cloud as part of Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP.

Multi-Entity Management & MS Dynamics CRM Integration

  • Property Management seamlessly integrates with Multi-Entity Management, a fully integrated solution to Dynamics GP that offers true centralization of your many entities or divisions. By integrating with Dynamics CRM, you can organize, automate and streamline complex lease and tenant activities. Get ahead of renewals, cases, billing, maintenance, and other time-consuming tasks. PrM fully integrates with CORE Real Estate as well.

Leverage Microsoft Solutions & Simple Data Migrations

  • Property Management is part of a larger solution set in the Microsoft ecosystem: Extend the capabilities of your solution with other Microsoft technologies such as SharePoint, CRM, GP Field Service & Maintenance, Construction & Development and other third-party solutions such as Key2Act Job Costing, Mekorma, SmartFill and various BI and reporting tools.

Property Management has these features as well…

Reduce Operational Costs

  • Comprehensive AR and AP lease tracking
  • Comprehensive expense management
  • Meter tracking and billing
  • Common Area Maintenance (CAM) expense management
  • Contribution and overages reconciliations

Manage Tiered Leasing & Billing

  • Easy tracking and report terms, charges,  service calls and manage preventative maintenance schedules by building and unit
  • Add AR/AP charges and associate with a specific GL account, payment term or tax schedule
  • Escalate charges by rate schedules, Consumer Price Index (CPIs), percentages or fixed amounts

Maximize Occupancy Levels

  • Creating various types of detailed leases, track and record rental contacts, plus keep up with Current Tenancy Reports to find opportunities
  • Importing and update Consumer Price Index (CPI)
  • Tracking and manage property improvements and changes

Increase Administrative Productivity

  • One consolidated system for data entry and processing transactions
  • Copy existing entities to create similar new lease records
  • Batch process invoices
  • Eliminate duplicate data entry in multiple systems
  • Efficiently process workflows such as tenant deposits and moving-out tenants

Flexible Billing Procedures

  • Automatically invoice tenants for recurring charges.
  • Complex and variable charge billing calculations available.
  • Incorporate straight-line calculations.
  • Fixed, variable, rate schedule or CPI based charge escalations and amortizations.
  • Assign pass-through expenses to tenants based on allocation templates.

Financial Reporting

  • Build out the entire escalation for the life of your leases, enabling you to easily forecast on future billings
  • Analytical reporting by territory, building, sites or units
  • Detailed rent roll reports and vacancy reports
  • Lease status and delinquency reports
  • Financial reports, such as aged receivables, and P&L by building

Allocation Charges & Expenses

  • Calculate and charge Common Area Maintenance (CAM).
  • Track meter readings and bill accordingly.
  • Assign various terms and charges to leases.
  • Expense tracking and recoveries.
  • Manage CAM reconciliations and expense allocations assigned to various accounts per building.

Expense Management

  • Benefit from a flexible expense allocation/management system where users can “pass-through” charges or specifically allocate charges.
  • Account for and process annual Common Area Maintenance (CAM) reconciliations to ensure they match actual costs versus received CAM payments.

Modular Design

  • Tenant & Ground leases
  • Tower management for cellular or telecommunications towers
  • Overages, for Sales Based Rent calculations
  • Common Area Maintenance (CAM) charges
  • Adding one time charges, either individually, or en masse

Meter Consumption

  • Manage meter usage tracking and billing for tenants
  • Multiple meters, leases or units can be assigned
  • Custom calculations created and consumption charges imported from other systems by text or .csv file

Tower Management

  • Process site and lease-centric transactions for complex wireless and broadband tower leasing agreements.
  • Revenue sharing options
  • The Tower Management module is an optimal solution for tower managers with a need for detailed lease management functionality
  • Learn more about Tower Management

Broker and Agent Management

  • Pay commissions to real estate agents or brokers
  • Store and manage broker and agent contacts and keep track of paid commissions

Looking for more information about Property Management?

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