Subscription Billing Suite

Subscription Billing Suite

Binary Stream’s subscription and usage-based billing and deferrals suite is a comprehensive solution designed to handle any complex billing scenario while ensuring that the accounting of any deferrals is done quickly and accurately and in compliance with all regulations.

Why go with our Subscription Billing Suite?


Automate your Billing Process no matter how Complex and Cumbersome

Whether you bill monthly, annually, or based upon usage, tiers, milestones, or even a mix of one-time and recurring charges of any frequency, Binary Stream’s Subscription Billing Suite (SBS) can handle any complexity. Instead of invoicing cycles that take days and involve complicated spreadsheets and cumbersome manual processes, SBS works efficiently in the background generating and distributing thousands of invoices saving you time, eliminating costly errors, and getting you paid quicker.

Efficiently Manage Deferrals and Comply with ASC 606 & IFRS 15

Tired of juggling hundreds or thousands of spreadsheets for your deferrals? SBS efficiently builds and tracks your recognition schedules–including at the line item level–right inside your Dynamics ERP. And, you have complete control over when the recognition journal entries are posted. No longer are you forced to post to future periods. Do you bundle your products and services? SBS manages your revenue allocations so you can confidently and efficiently comply with ASC 606 and IFRS 15.

Stay on Top of the Health of your Subscription Business… Before it’s Too Late

Wondering how your company is really performing but don’t have the financial information at your fingertips? With SBS, get deep real-time insight into your company’s health with reports such as monthly recurring revenue (MRR), churn, usage, and deferred revenue without spreadsheets or expensive external reporting systems. Because deferral schedules are built right in Dynamics ERP, you are able to accurately forecast revenues & expenses to quickly produce your GL reconciliation.

Although our Subscription Billing product is built as a powerful suite, you can also get each product as a standalone solution

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Advanced Revenue & Expense Deferrals solution

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Multiple Element Revenue Allocation solution

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Advanced Recurring Contract Billing solution

Extend your Microsoft Dynamics system to manage the Complete Quote-to-Cash Cycle

Built right within your Microsoft Dynamics ERP, Subscription Billing Suite (SBS) combines an end-to-end billing and deferrals solution with the powerful accounting and finance capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics ERP. Because SBS is embedded as part of the Dynamics ERP user interface, it is easy-to-setup, easy-to-learn, and easy-to-use.

SBS can be easily extended to cover the entire quote-to-cash process. At the front-end in the CRM system where quotes and orders are generated, SBS seamlessly pulls the relevant customer contract details into Dynamics ERP. At the back-end cash side of the cycle, SBS makes collections less painful and more financially rewarding. The SBS customer web portal allows customers to self-serve by viewing invoices and remitting online credit card payments.

In addition to being available as a suite, the solution can also be purchased as individual products – Advanced Recurring Contract Billing (ARCB), Advanced Revenue & Expense Deferrals (ARED), and Multi-Element Revenue Allocation (MERA).

Manage Complexities of Subscription Billing with Ease

Without a purpose-built automated system for handling your billing, you likely face an ugly mess of manual processes, more spreadsheets than you can count, and intense headaches if even the simplest of terms change. Subscription billing does not have to be complicated.

Subscription Billing Suite (SBS) handles even the most complex billing situations – subscription charges (recurring monthly, annually or at any user-defined frequency including pro-rated periods); one-time fees such as for initial set-up; metered or usage-based fees such as time or amount consumed; prices that change based upon volume tiers; milestone billing; and many other methods. Evergreen billing can be set up to automatically renew at the end of a term.

The flexible billing schedules in SBS (including multiple schedules/contracts per customer) support line-level details such as multiple billing types per customer or item; differing billing frequencies and differing start/end dates; built-in price escalations, and user-defined fields.

Automate your Cumbersome Time-Consuming Invoicing Process

In a typical billing process, there can be many areas of inefficiency building and maintaining billing schedules. Because SBS is built right into your accounting system, you only need to create your billing schedules once and you can be sure that the information is handled flawlessly by the back-end accounting system. This means less redundant work, no chance of errors, no need to jump back and forth between systems, and the elimination of juggling multiple spreadsheets.

Another grueling manual process is the invoicing of clients. This arduous task can take hours, if not days, to plow through. With SBS, gone are the days of manual, error-prone billing. Maintain complete accuracy while processing hundreds or hundreds of thousands of monthly invoices. SBS can generate 100,000 invoices in just 21 minutes.

Collect Money Faster and Provide a Better Customer Experience

Cash flow is the lifeblood of your company. However, without a solid billing system at its heart, your business’ health is compromised. SBS gives you tools to shorten the time it takes to receive cash from your customers. With the evergreen billing feature, you can set up your customers to be billed automatically. Convenient for your customers to pay and quick and easy for you to collect. For customers that like to self-serve, a password-protected online portal is available where they can view their contracts, update their information, and even pay their bills. And, because your billing process is automated there is less chance of a delay in sending out the invoices and therefore less chance of a delay in getting paid.

Replacing cumbersome manual processes and error-prone spreadsheets with SBS automation leads to a better experience for your customers. Move beyond invoicing mistakes that erode your customers’ confidence. Stop inadvertently charging too much. Why risk customers bolting for the door. And, give customers the flexibility to be charged in the way that works best for their situation. Some customers like to pay monthly while others like annual. Reward your best customers with discounts for their volume purchases. SBS support all of this and much more.

Real-time Insights into Business & Financial Performance

You want to have your finger on the pulse of all the financial goings-on at your company, but it’s just not that easy. Your revenue deferral schedules are in dozens of spreadsheets so how can you possibly generate your forecast numbers. Similarly, keeping on top of key performance indicators such as monthly recurring revenue (MRR) and churn rate is critical to the success of your business, but how can you do that without a serious spreadsheet intervention.

With the Subscription Billing Suite, all of your key financial information is right inside your Dynamics ERP making reporting a breeze. Stay on top of your firm’s performance in real-time with insightful reports including monthly recurring revenue, periodic revenue recognition, new contract sales, total contract revenue, waterfall, or create your own custom reports. Accurately forecast revenues and expenses, and quickly produce your GL reconciliation to satisfy audit requirements.

Effectively Manage your Deferrals & Compliance Requirements

Tired of juggling hundreds or thousands of spreadsheets for your revenue and expense deferrals? SBS efficiently builds and tracks your recognition schedules–including at the line item level–right inside your Dynamics ERP. Set up your deferral accounts by customer, item and vendor and track contract information separate from deferral schedules. Cancellations, reclassifications and adjustments are handled with ease. And, you have complete control over when the recognition journal entries are posted. No longer are you forced to post to a future period. Manage with complete flexibility whether the deferrals are straight line amounts across calendar months or event-based as milestones are completed.

Do you bundle your products and services? SBS manages your revenue allocations so you can confidently and efficiently comply with ASC 606 and IFRS 15. Define your items’ fair value prices and let the system automatically generate the revenue allocations for each and every invoice or contract. And, because all of this information is already in Dynamics GP, the invoices flow directly to the appropriate accounts in the GL. Then, when you recognize the deferred revenue, it moves from the balance sheet to the P/L with a single mouse click.

A fully integrated solution to simplify subscription billing

Fully Integrated Solution for Dynamics GP

Flexible Deployment Options: Our software can be deployed on-premise, in a hosted environment or in the cloud as part of Dynamics 365 for Operations (AX) or Dynamics GP.

Have multiple entities, divisions or businesses? ARCB seamlessly integrates with Multi-Entity Management, a fully integrated solution to Dynamics 365 for Operations (AX) or Dynamics GP that offers true centralization of your many entities or divisions.

Also integrates with other Binary Stream Products. Seamlessly Integrates with Advanced Revenue Expense Deferrals (ARED), Sales Document Consolidation (SDC), eMailer Manager (EM). Works in a product suite for software companies and other companies with subscription billing and recurring revenue requirements.

Third-party integrations? Since ARCB integrates seamlessly with Dynamics 365 for Operations (AX) or Dynamics GP, you can benefit from third-party integrations into your system – such as Sales Tax Solutions, ePayment solutions and more.

Front-end Gateway Integrations. Integrate to electronic payment, e-commerce, online bill pay, or point-of-sale gateways.

Want an End-to-end Solution? Work better together when you connect your people, processes, and systems all from one place. Connect your front-end quoting/order entry systems, your Microsoft Suite of Products and other Third-Party Products.

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