A look back at 2020

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Published on: December 22, 2020

As 2020 comes to a close, we find ourselves reflecting on the year that it has been. It would be remiss not to mention that it has been a strange year for us all, but rather than focus on the impact of COVID-19, we’ve pulled together some of the work we’re proud of in 2020.

1. We built a ton of subscription billing learning resources

We’ve been hard at work, creating a library of resources for SaaS companies trying to get their billing strategies right. One of the most popular topics was our comprehensive guide to SaaS pricing models. In this blog, we break down each of the pricing strategies from tiered to flat-rate pricing and include each’s pros and cons. Also, the guide shows landing page examples from SaaS companies that have successfully implemented the strategy already.

2. Property Lease Management selected as a Microsoft-preferred solution

We celebrated Property Lease Management’s selection as a Microsoft-preferred solution—a proud milestone for one of our flagship products. It’s a solution built to manage property, plant and equipment leases. In addition, we created several resources to help companies make sure their lease management is compliant with IFRS 16. If you’re interested, check out our blog on implementing IFRS 16 in 11 simple steps.

3. Built solutions to help the transport industry achieve digital transformation

Every day, transportation and logistics companies move their products to a subscription-based model and give their customers the choice to be billed in a way that suits them best. However, very few companies build solutions capable of handling the complexities of this industry. This short video explains what we do differently and why investing in the right insights, solutions, and support will give companies a significant advantage over their competition today.

 4. Upgrading their ERP system saved the Starboard Group over $38,000 per year

When the Starboard Group first began using Microsoft Dynamics in 2009, it only operated a fraction of the restaurants that it owns today. As they scaled, it became clear that this ERP was not enough to meet the company’s growing demands. Giovanni Lima, CFO at the Starboard Group, needed a new solution to effectively implement Starboard’s three-year strategic plan. Download our case study to learn how our solution helped the Starboard Group reach ambitious targets and use their resources more efficiently.

5. A year of growth despite the odds

We never imagined that this year would mostly be spent communicating from our work from home stations. Although we did miss the camaraderie of seeing each other day in day out, it was incredible to see that the team still grew. Many milestones were passed, from opening the doors to our new offices to exciting new partnerships with Solver, Fidesic, and Microchannel.

As we enter the new year, none of us can know what 2021 will hold. We’re excited to see how much we’ve grown by this time next year. For now, Happy Holidays from our team to yours, and we look forward to working with you in the New Year.

A look back at Binary Stream's 2020

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