All eyes on next-generation Microsoft Dynamics solutions as Binary Stream and Rimrock join forces

, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Published on: May 5, 2021

May 2021— Rimrock Corporation joins forces with Binary Stream in a partnership that builds on a legacy of success in the Microsoft Dynamics ERP space. With 80% of their Microsoft Dynamics clients on GP, Rimrock’s CEO Jonathan Taub knows that many will need to migrate to Business Central soon.

As companies continue adopting a cloud-first strategy to their infrastructure, Rimrock is determined to help keep their clients ahead of the curve. Taub believes that this partnership is critical to creating a better offering for Dynamics 365 Business Central users, and for transitioning customers interested in migrating to the cloud platform. When asked to comment on why Rimrock chose to partner with Binary Stream, he said,

“The kind of support they offer partners is unique. They’re doing it right, which aligns with how we do things here. We’re not interested in just distribution, but rather in providing the kind of support and advice that best serves our clients.”

Binary Stream’s CEO, Lak Chahal echoes these sentiments, seeing an alignment between his company’s values and those fostered at Rimrock. He says,

“From day one, I’ve been impressed by Rimrock’s focus on quality products in the Microsoft Dynamics space. It’s been clear that Jonathan and his team always put their clients first, and we’re proud to partner with them.”

Rimrock offers the full range of Binary Stream solutions in the Business Central space and finds the products help them offer the functionality their clients are looking for. Jonathan Taub says,

“Property Lease Management helps us offer a competitive alternative to some of the behemoths that dominate the real estate industry and is attractive to many of the clients who find a home with us. More generally, Subscription Billing Suite makes sense in today’s economy, where so many pricing models use recurring revenue, and Multi-Entity Management has huge potential for handling complex consolidations.”

Rimrock also sees opportunities to implement Multi-Entity Management (MEM) in the solar power industry becoming more prevalent. In this industry, each installation is accounted for as an entity, positioning MEM as the ideal tool to help these companies manage their power farms.

At the moment, Rimrock works with a global solar power company with 250 power farms across the world. Recently, they learnt that this is one of the most complex consolidations that Microsoft has ever seen. Microsoft Dynamics is simply not built to manage that level of complexity, which is why Rimrock plans to implement a solution that combines the powers of MEM, Business Central and Solver. They’ve already seen success using MEM to manage a renewable energy company with entities across Canada.

“We’re looking forward to implementing Subscription Billing Suite internally, as well as migrating our Dynamics GP clients over. It helps to have easy to deliver, quality solutions that fit their needs.”

For now, as Taub puts it,

“It’s about putting a stake in the ground and giving ourselves the ability to use next-generation Microsoft ERP products. We see this partnership as a lynchpin from which to move forward. “

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