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Published on: December 2, 2018

What do a large tower company, a Property Management/Leasing Company, a large Training and Job Placement Company and a Resort/Timeshare/Condo developer all have in common?

They have all solved some critical business pains with Binary Stream Solutions!

Tower Company
A large US based tower company (cellular towers and related businesses) was expanding. As part of their expansion, they needed to streamline their accounting functionality and get all of their companies on the one common system. Their requirements included tenant lease management, ground lease management and revenue sharing that is inherent in that business. Finding a solution for the tower industry proved challenging, but then they found Binary Stream. They are now using Binary Stream’s Property Management (PrM), utilizing the Core AR (Tenant) module, the Core AP (Ground) module and the Tower Module. Almost instantly they benefited from streamlined processes and the inherent consistencies.

 Property Management/Leasing Company
This company was already happily using Binary Stream’s Property Management solution to manage their complex leasing requirements. Just when they eliminated the time consuming manual processes related to their property leases, they began facing new challenges that created a new set of manual processes to overcome. A large number of customers were making partial payments to their invoices – covering certain charges or line items but withholding others.

Since MS Dynamics GP only allows you to apply payments at the invoice header level, there was no easy way to track which charges were paid and which were outstanding. They implemented Binary Stream’s “SOP Apply by Line” (SABL) utility. This small, low-cost solution packs a big punch! The impact the solution made on their business was huge! They can now apply cash receipts to the invoice lines which have been paid and easily manage outstanding balances – all without the use of large, cumbersome and error-prone Excel spreadsheets.

Training and Job Placement Company
A large training and job placement company was implementing a non-GP integrated billing system. They needed a way to move the billing journal entries into Dynamics GP to various companies, all the while creating balanced deferral journal entries. They were familiar with Binary Stream’s Advanced Revenue and Expense Deferrals (ARED), having implemented it a few years ago. They approached Binary Stream to figure out a way to import the billing entries into GP while triggering the ARED process for deferrals. This resulted in a custom import utility being built for them to accomplish their goals with ease.

Resort/Timeshare/Condo Developer
A resort/timeshare/condo developer was in need of a way to manage owner dues and charges for their properties. Some of these charges were spread across multiple owners (a common problem in the timeshare and resort industry). Previously they tracked these dues in Excel and manually billed them out as needed. They’ve simplified these processes with Binary Stream’s Multi-Entity Management (MEM) to combine their GP companies into a single database – and Property Management (PrM) to manage the property billing. Using MEM and PrM, they’ve happily eliminated their old time-consuming and error-prone processes.

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