Not-for-profit breaks free and saves $70,000

Published on: December 6, 2018

A prominent not-for-profit organization recently came out from under the shackles of Lawson’s lofty cost of ownership and found great success. This customer was using Lawson’s ERP solution prior to electing to replace Lawson with Dynamics GP and Multi-Entity Management (MEM).

Lawson’s ERP software is part of Infor’s line of business-targeted products. In the 1990s, the Minnesota company started offering ERP solutions that were developed for the healthcare, retail, financial services, public sector and non-profit markets. In May 2006, Lawson merged with the Swedish ERP provider, Intentia. The current ERP solutions offered by Lawson include two products, M3 and S3. The combined company offers mid-market companies an alternative to the ERP solutions offered by Oracle and SAP.

However, Lawson maintained its own brand identity, features and services. The client’s impetus for change was the shocking $80k-90k/year they were paying in maintenance fees. The cumulative price was $1 million price tag for maintaining the system over the full ten-year ownership period. As a not-for-profit, try explaining those excessive costs to your stakeholders as a result your owners as well.

By switching from the Lawson solution to GP with MEM, they reduced maintenance fees by over 80% and profits grew. They also went without losing any of previous functionality and now are able to produce their information quicker and more efficiently.

Reducing ERP maintenance fees doesn’t have to come with increased cost or time investment. With MEM, you can recover dozens to hundreds of hours annually that would otherwise be lost on month-end and year-end closes. You can easily produce government and tax reports including 1099s and W2s with full support for closing on an entity-by-entity basis.

Because MEM gathers all Microsoft Dynamics financial information in a single instance, it is far simpler and faster to create consolidated reports across all companies while maintaining individual sets of financial statements. As a result, backing up databases, upgrading systems, adding or updating master records across your entire business takes a fraction of the time. To learn more about MEM and what Binary Stream can do to simplify your accounting procedures, please contact an Account Manager for a free consultation.

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