Rhenium Alloys customer success story

Published on: December 15, 2018

Sean Schroeder is the Information Technology Manager with Rhenium Alloys, a leading manufacturer of refractory metals and high-temperature products. He’s responsible for helping his company simplify their IT infrastructure, among his many other duties.

Before implementing Multi-Entity Management (MEM) into their Microsoft Dynamics GP system, they were struggling because they wanted to manage their separate divisions, while also having the ability to pull consolidated reports for all of their different entities.

“We couldn’t continue to manage our divisions like we were,” said Sean, “But we also didn’t know of a solution that would solve our issues without being cost-prohibitive.”

After their Microsoft Dynamics Partner introduced Sean to MEM, he knew he had found something that could make a difference for his company.

“We didn’t really look at any other options. MEM was our choice from the start.”

Sean told us that following a swift implementation period, he was very happy with many aspects of the solution. “I was pleased with how easy-to-use the solution was for our whole team.”

As a result of adopting MEM, Rhenium Alloys is able to manage all of their divisions and companies totally separately, while also being able to pull consolidated reports for all of their divisions. Exactly what Sean envisioned he needed before bringing in MEM, he got after the implementation was completed.

Because MEM gathers all Microsoft Dynamics financial information in a single instance, it is far simpler and faster to create consolidated reports across all companies while maintaining individual sets of financial statements. As a result, backing up databases, upgrading systems, adding or updating master records across your entire business takes a fraction of the time.

When asked about what he found most useful about the MEM solution, Sean said: “It didn’t take much of my team’s time to implement, plus once it was implemented, we immediately started saving time managing our different databases.

To learn more about MEM and what Binary Stream can do to simplify your accounting procedures, please contact an Account Manager for a free consultation.

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