Schwartz Brothers Restaurants – customer success story

Published on: January 4, 2019

Schwartz Brothers Restaurants was reaching an accounting boiling point. They had crossed a line where they could no longer continue to manage all of their different businesses using the same checkbook outside of Microsoft Dynamics GP. Unfortunately, even with GP installed, the company would not be able to separate the businesses, as well as the inventory of their bakeries and restaurants.

Jim Irwin, VP of Information, told us that, “Although we work with Microsoft Dynamics GP, we haven’t come close to unlocking it’s full and true potential.”

As a result of not being able to separate their companies, Schwartz Brothers was forced to spend hours every month configuring data just to be able to process it. “Before we separate the inventories of the different businesses we are forced to essentially manage our accounting and inventory on-paper,” Jim told us.

This is when their VAR suggested they add Multi-Entity Management to their ERP.

By adding MEM, they were able to transition their business fully to Microsoft Dynamics GP. They also were able to completely separate their businesses, 4 restaurants and 2 bakeries, and their subsequent inventories.

With MEM now part of their accounting department, Jim’s team has now become much more efficient and is now thriving with the extra time they are enjoying because of MEM. “All I can say about Multi-Entity Management is that it just works,” said Jim, “It works well, and we haven’t had a single problem.”

Instead of struggling throughout the day, Jim can now relax and focus on growing the Schwartz Brothers business. “I don’t have enough words to describe how much it helped us.”

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