Healthcare and long-term care

Flexible solutions for organizations in the healthcare industry

Handle material provisioning workflows efficiently and error-free. Improve provisioning and productivity, reduce operational costs, and get clear insights into the financial wellbeing of your organization. Manage multiple entities with a scalable solution that allows you to multiply your long-term care facilities without multiplying your costs.

  • Multiple clinics, one database: allow for multiple entities to operate from a centralized database with streamlined financial processes.
  • Supply chain efficiency: eliminate cost overruns due to last-minute ordering and rush deliveries by accurately tracking and reporting on supply levels.
  • National accounts for payables: establish parent/child account relationships to simplify multiple payments to vendors and generate modified transaction inquiries to get quick payment reports.
  • Performance reporting and transparency: track material expenses and financial performance by department and by facility to gain an accurate look at all your locations.
Streamlining processes with Binary Stream

Multi-Entity Management

Manage multiple locations, centralized processing, robust reporting, and a total view for managing your company. Scale as you grow with a system that allows you quick and cost-effective access to reporting and gives you the ability to manage all your resources across all your entities in real time from one place.

Available on Microsoft Dynamics:
Buildings Binary Stream

Healthcare Materials Management

Lower overhead and eliminate the need for last-minute delivery with streamlined inventory counts and automated replenishment. Gain complete control over your materials and inventory management with increased visibility and efficiency. Get incredible reductions in operating costs through efficient supply chain management from inside Microsoft Dynamics ERP.

Available on Microsoft Dynamics:
Streamlining processes with Binary Stream

Dynamics GP Utilities

Purpose-built tools designed to address specific issues in document delivery and document processing overhead. Deliver invoices with ease by sending batch emails to your customers. Invoices, SOP documents, AR statements, purchase orders, and payroll documents can all be sent with automated attachments for specific recipients.

Available on Microsoft Dynamics:

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