Webinar: Advanced Revenue & Expense Deferrals for AX

Webinar: Advanced Revenue & Expense Deferrals for AX

Benefit from real-time visibility into future revenue, deferred revenue and renewals.

Advanced Revenue Expense Deferrals in Microsoft Dynamics AX

Gain in-depth control and flexibility to the entire deferrals process.

– Efficiently manage mass deferrals for enhanced business intelligence.
– Manage deferrals by line item with in-depth control and flexibility.
– Improve revenue forecasting.
– Improve processing time for mass modifying deferral schedules, processing revenue and expense recognition journal entries at the GL level.
– Significantly streamline processing time with the use of deferral and recognition templates.
– Process deferrals/invoices by account GL code or item code in Sales Orders.
– Enjoy complete recognition schedule flexibility, equal by pay period, pro-rated based on dates or custom templates.

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