Healthcare Materials Management (HMM) Product Tour Videos

Discover how-to optimize your company’s supply chain management system within Microsoft Dynamics GP. On top of that, learn how HMM provides deep control of your requisitions, procurement, fulfillment, and consumption processes.

HMM Product Tour #1 – Introduction

🕐 4:56

In this video, we cover how HMM makes it easier for your company to manage procurements, request materials, review status or requests, and transfer data to GP. It also goes over how HMM enables a more seamless requisition process.

HMM Product Tour #2 – Resupply Processing & Reporting

🕐 2:22

This HMM product tour video covers how HMMs web-based portals can be leveraged for use on smart devices, tablets, handhelds, and other mobile computers. On top of that, it demonstrates the basics of how HMM simplifies the resupply process.

HMM Product Tour #3 – Leveraging HMM Portals

🕐 3:20

In this 3rd and final part of the HMM product tour, we go over more of the advanced elements of supply requisition within HMM. It also displays the vast reporting ability HMM brings to Microsoft Dynamics GP.