Serial & Lot Number Processing

Serial & Lot Number Processing

Streamline Your Data Entry Without Sacrificing Accuracy.

Streamline Data Entry in GP.

Serial & Lot Number Processing accelerates serial and lot number entry for organizations that receive a list of serial or lot numbers to input into the Purchase Order Processing, Sales Order Processing, Inventory Control, Returns Management Authorization and Manufacturing modules in Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Serial & Lot Processing for Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Maximize Employee Productivity

  • Reduce data entry and operational costs.

Minimize Inventory Wastage and Maximize Turnover

  • Improve cycle count accuracy.

 Increase Transaction Processing Efficiency

  • Enter serial and lot numbers in mass.
  • Auto-import from flat files.
  • Generate temporary serial numbers for rapid entry.

Gain Better Insight Into Inventory Data

  • Modified inquiry screens for enhanced inventory inquiries.
  • Up to 40 user defined fields for serial attributes.

Increase Accuracy of Inventory Data

  • Copy and paste instead of redundant manual entry.
  • Prevent duplicate entries with standard business logic.

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For years Vocera manually scanned in the serial numbers for their innovative voice badge. But with Binary Stream’s Serial & Lot Number Processing they cut this data entry time down by 75%.

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