SOP Apply by Line

SOP Apply by Line

Accurately apply cash receipts to the line level of a SOP Invoice so you know exactly what a customer paid for and didn’t pay for within a sales invoice.

SOP Apply by Line for Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Maximize Efficiency

  • Eliminate unnecessary scrolling time; search on your customer’s reference numbers as well as the document number.

Simplify Payment Options

  • Pick and choose the line items you’d like to apply payment to.

Enhance Reporting

  • Drill down within your reports to see which line items have been paid and which are still outstanding; complete Audit Trail detailed reports.

Improve Customer Service

  • Meet your customers’ requirements through the ability to apply payments to specific lines.

Improve A/R Collections

  • Access full invoice/payment history by each line item for complete collections transparency; eliminate hours of additional A/R processing time for maximum dispute resolution efficiency.

Improve Operations 

  • If you are creating your invoices using the SOP Module in Dynamics GP and you are receiving your payments through the Receivables Module, SOP Apply by Line could be exactly what you are looking for.
SOP Apply by Line for Dynamics GP

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