Property Management

Property Management

Take the complexity out of property lease management with a sophisticated billing and accounting engine.

Property Management to Meet Your Industry Specific Requirements.

Commercial Real Estate Management.

For the property managers of commercial building spaces such as offices, industrial locations, distribution centers, and other non-residential property types.


Commercial Real Estate
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Residential Real Estate.

For apartments, condos, single- and multi-family residential properties, Property Management can streamline everyday processes such as maximizing occupancy, collecting payments and deposit tracking.

Airports and Port Authorities.

Property Management has a number of airport and port authority customers. They manage various types of non-traditional properties, such as flight hangers and moorage (docks) that require flexibility in the conditions applied to their leases.

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Managed Parking Lots.

Large lots with special lease terms, such as parking lots. PrM allows organizations to manage aspects of the lot independent of the stalls for short and long term rentals.

Storage Facilities

Storage facilities often require the ability to manage a variety of different lease lengths, charge rates and many other specifics associated to this property type.

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Agriculture and Farm Land Leasing.

Lands leased for farming purposes require complex portfolio management tracking for the multiple sites (farms) located on properties, which can be leased by one or many tenants., PrM allows you to track these details and makes the monthly billing and invoicing processes easy.

Wind Farms and Telecommunication Tower Management.

Wind Farms and Telecommunication Tower managers & owners need the ability to manage both tenant and ground leases, both of which create very complex workflows around receivables and payables management. Tracking equipment and assets for each site consisting of roof tops or ground based parameters is a must. Property Management offers a module to meet these very specific requirements.


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