Innovative Solutions Built for Finance & Insurance Firms

Innovative Solutions Built for Finance & Insurance Firms

Boost Operational Efficiency to Gain A Competitive Advantage in the Financial Services and Insurance Space.

In today’s challenging economic environment, the critical issues facing financial institutions are affecting their entire business. Whether you specialize in Banking, Lending, Insurance, Investments, Holding Companies or Wealth and Asset Management, all companies are striving to differentiate themselves.

Facing intense competition, regulatory reform, rapid change and ever-evolving customer needs, many financial institutions are under increased pressure to adapt to the changing business landscape, improve visibility and compliance, and provide faster, more accurate and secure information while controlling costs. They need to become more customer-centric and efficient by improving critical business processes – including business analytics, and financial and accounting processes.

Whether you are looking for a consolidated view of your overall investments, determining if you have any underperforming assets, or trying to attract investment funds, our Microsoft Dynamics solutions will be a cost-effective investment that you can make with confidence.

Binary Stream’s solutions have dramatically improved the way companies in the Finance and Insurance industry, and even property managers with investment portfolios, manage their business processes. We’ve helped companies such as TSX Group, Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Nebraska, Citibank NA and Pink OTC Markets reduce overhead and dramatically improve the way they manage critical business processes while providing better access to their analytics and reporting.

Aequitas Capital Management has always upheld the highest standards with great diligence. Upon entering the fund management arena, and protocols coming into place from our fund management plans, we needed to increase security controls between companies. It became clear that we had out-grown their existing Quickbooks system. With Binary Stream’s Multi-Entity Management, we reduced the number of databases we were supporting from 27 to 4. Reporting times were vastly improved, taking 90% less time than before.”


“Our client, a large financial broker, needed a robust and scalable accounting system that could manage large volumes of transactions between investors and fund owners. When we saw Binary Stream’s Investment product, we were immediately impressed by its seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics GP. ”

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Multi-Entity Management (MEM)

for Finance & Insurance.

If your holding company is managing different business units within Microsoft Dynamics GP, you may have noticed how it can become difficult to administer them all. Multi-Entity Management consolidates these different entities into one database, giving you some of the following benefits:

  • Manage all your legal entities within one consolidated database.
  • Consolidate your view of your investments.
  • Provide a comprehensive security layer that can segment your legal entities, allowing access to only users with permissions to that entity.
  • Handle all of your different companies within a single Microsoft Dynamics GP database.
  • Automate the transactions across different companies.
  • Generate invoices in batches.
  • Quickly and easily print off divisional and consolidated corporate reports within minutes.
  • Better manage the performance assets by viewing business units individually, or see a consolidated picture of the entire enterprise.

Advanced Revenue & Expense Deferrals (ARED)

for Finance and Insurance.

As an insurance company, you may have scores of prepaid policies on the book. Tracking these amounts in a spreadsheet, and recognizing the revenue/expense manually is both time consuming, and error-prone, but our ARED product can provide you with much-needed coverage.

  • Recognize revenue automatically for pre-paid policies on a scheduled basis.
  • Allows you to manage deferrals at the line item level.
  • Deferrals can be recognized evenly per period, or on a per-diem basis.
  • Support is included for VSOE calculations (in compliance with FASB EITF 08-1 & SOP 97-2).
  • Pre-paid expenses, such as rent or insurance can also be recognized as expenses as they occur, without the need to use Excel.
  • Revenue can be recognized in a straight-line method, or based on specific milestones (for example, sign-off or implementation).
  • Forecasts can easily be generated to view recognition in future periods.
Advanced Revenue Expense Deferrals, binary stream software, accounting
Advanced Recurring Contract Billing

Advanced Recurring Contract Billing (ARCB)

for Finance and Insurance.

One of the key tasks at an insurance agency is to send out invoices to policyholders on a regular basis. Trying to maintain this information outside of GP, in a spreadsheet is extremely difficult, but with ARCB, you can stop worrying about invoicing, and focus on your business.

  • Combine multiple types of charges (one-time, annual, or monthly) on a single contract.
  • Automatically generate invoices on time and in batches.
  • Periodic escalations can be added, and these can be linked to the CPI.
  • Automatically create a renewal at the end of the billing period.
  • Import consumption data to enable usage-based billing.
  • Use the standard GP prices, or use our tiered pricing utility for volume-based discounts.
  • Assign up to 40 user-defined fields to the schedules.
  • Integrate to your CRM to manage critical customer relationships.

Property Management

for Finance and Insurance.

If your business has built a solid portfolio of revenue-generating investment properties, then you know how challenging it can be to keep on top of the different tenant leases, the associated expenses, and common area maintenance charges. Our Property Management add-on for Microsoft Dynamics GP automates these processes.

  • Manage the revenue streams and expenses associated with both residential and commercial investment properties including shopping malls and apartment buildings.
  • Easily allocate expenses and CAM charges to individual tenants by square footage or percentage.
  • Utility charges can be imported and charged to tenants, using custom formulas.
  • For retail environments, sales-based rent is supported, using either a natural or non-natural break point.
  • Import consumption data to enable usage-based billing.
Binary Stream Software - Property Site Management
Manager Series

Manager Series

for Finance and Insurance.

In addition to our Enterprise products listed above, we also offer some smaller utilities, which are task-specific, several of which are well-suited for the Finance & Insurance Industries. They include:

  • eMailer Manager transmits policies, statements, or invoices to your customers, in a single, automated batch.
  • Sales Document Consolidation allows many invoices for a single customer to be rolled up into a single document.
  • National Accounts Payable lets users consolidate their vendor payments using a head-office/subsidiary relationship.
  • SOP Apply by Line gives you the flexibility to record payments at the line item level, giving insight into any outstanding AR issues

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