Real Estate & Property Management

Real Estate & Property Management

Innovative solutions designed to improve financial management and optimize your property management accounting operations.

Binary Stream offers scalable Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions to property management and real estate organizations with functionality designed to solve industry-specific business challenges. With solutions tailored to every real estate market, through extensive experience in meeting the complex requirements for retail (shopping malls and strip malls), franchises, commercial and real estate investment trusts, Binary Stream brings a deep understanding of your industry’s ERP demands.

The success of today’s commercial real estate organizations depends on accurate data that provides deep visibility into the past and future performance and enhances decision-making on an ongoing basis. “Data, data, data” has become the new “location, location, location”. Every day you make decisions that affect the value of your real estate investments; without accurate data, you run the risk of lowering your net operating income and ultimately reducing the return. Binary Stream Solutions deliver you the insights required to successfully improve the performance of your real estate investment portfolio.

Managing multiple buildings and investments is a common theme for property management firms. Binary Stream’s versatile solutions adapt to your multi-entity organizations business structure; if you are managing both retail and office space, we can centralize your diversified operations into one database while still providing segmented performance reports on each investment.

Understanding the complex and varied business requirements of the property management industry, Binary Stream has developed integration partnerships with many industry leading third party ERP solutions. Each integration was specifically designed to fill the gaps experienced by property management professionals within their ERP platform. By partnering with best-of-breed property management solutions across Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Binary Stream brings you true end-to-end property management solutions.

Binary Stream Software - Property Site Management

Property Management

  • Manage all aspects of your tenant and landlord lease requirements with the robust reporting and accounting engine from Microsoft Dynamics GP.
  • Easily manage lease creation and maintenance, complex escalations, CAM reconciliations, pro-rated, sales-based rent or metered charges.
  • Easily escalate charges by rate schedules, Consumer Price Index (CPIs), percentages, fixed amounts, or other rate drivers such as cost per square foot.
  • Budget, by mall or specific type of property.
  • Tight integration with CORE Real Estate for Microsoft Dynamics CRM brings you a true end-to-end property management solution.

Multi-Entity Management

  • Allow for multiple properties and holding companies to operate from one centralized database.
  • Single Master File Records such as items and vendors.
  • Centralized purchasing and receiving.
  • Fully automated audit trail for intercompany processing.
  • Centralized reporting to get an accurate view of your corporate performance across all properties/companies in your organization.
  • Multi-Entity Management integrates with WennSoft’s Job Cost solution to give you complete control of your property development projects, allowing for improved cost control and higher profitability.
Multi-Entity Management, binary stream software, accounting, software

Advanced Revenue Expense Deferrals, binary stream software, accounting

Advanced Revenue & Expense Deferrals

  • Gain in-depth control and flexibility of your deferrals.
  • Create automated schedules as revenue or expense transactions are posted.
  • Create recognition schedules for thousands of deferrals in minutes.
  • Streamline reconciliations and close your books sooner.
  • Ensure compliance with the latest accounting standards.
  • Forecast revenue with improved accuracy and transparency.

SOP Apply by Line

  • Accurately apply cash receipts to the line level of a SOP Invoice so you know exactly what a customer paid for and didn’t pay for within a sales invoice
  • Drill down within your reports to see which line items have been paid and which are still outstanding; complete Audit Trail detailed reports.
  • Meet your tenants’ requirements through the ability to apply payments to specific lines.
  • Access full invoice/payment history by each line item for complete collections transparency; eliminate hours of additional A/R processing time for maximum dispute resolution efficiency.
SOP Apply by Line for Dynamics GP

eMail Manager

eMailer Manager

  • Effective document delivery management, reduces document delivery costs.
  • Significantly reduce document delivery times through batch-delivering key documents to tenants, vendors and employees.
  • Increase stakeholder satisfaction with improved communication practices.
  • Reduce the usage of paper-based documents and contribute to corporate ‘green’ goals.

Sales Document Consolidation

  • Merge Invoices, Orders, or Quotes by various criteria.
  • Manage and send just one consolidated document to customers.
  • Restore accidently merged documents.
  • Look-up previously merged documents.
  • Increase productivity and sales turnover.
  • Reduce transaction processing costs.
  • Consolidate documents to save handling and processing time.
Sales Document Consolidator

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