Automated Billing & Revenue Recognition Tools Built For Software & Telecom Companies

Automated Billing & Revenue Recognition Tools Built For Software & Telecom Companies

Save Time on Repetitive and Labor-Intensive Billing Procedures, and Focus on What Truly Matters – Developing Your Product and Growing Your Business.

Binary Stream in Software & IT

As a software company, Binary Stream understands the challenges involved in bringing your products and services to market. Software and telecom companies are under intense pressure to ensure that business operations are both cost-effective and efficient.

Simplify your billing process, through an automated process that creates billing schedules and invoices for each customer – no matter how many customers you may have. Even automate renewals, for true evergreen billing.

If you are a telecom provider and need to bill based on consumption, such as a number of minutes used, or amount of data transferred, Binary Stream products make this process a snap. You can simply define the prices, and then enter (or import) the amount consumed for that period, and the invoices are generated. We also offer support for rollover minutes, and min/max amounts per billing period.

SaaS. Cloud-Based Billing. ASP. Hosting Provider. There have been many terms for this business model over the last few decades since the internet started playing such a huge role in the business community. Whatever term you want to use, our solutions are a natural fit for this business model, as you can combine many differ types of products and services on a single contract. Including:

  • One-time setup fee
  • Monthly hosting charge
  • Annual support renewal
  • A number of free support incidents per quarter, with a per incident charge above that threshold.

Because our solutions are fully integrated into Microsoft Dynamics GP, we take the guesswork and risk out of integration. You don’t need to learn a different interface because our products are seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Dynamics GP. Choose from a cloud-based or on-premise deployment, with the option to migrate from one deployment model to another, as business needs change.

“Since I have come on board, the Advanced Revenue & Expense Deferrals software has paid for itself more than once over. Having this solution to help us manage over 10,000 deferred contracts is an essential part of our financial processing.” Paul Fortson, Director of Financial Systems, BT Conferencing.  “With the amount of growth BT Conferencing has seen since I have joined, I know that we needed a solution like the Revenue & Expense Deferrals to allow us to account for all of the new deferrals we would be creating.”

Advanced Recurring Contract Billing

Advanced Recurring Contract Billing (ARCB)

for the Software and IT industry.

For a software publisher, annual renewals of maintenance contracts form a critical source of ongoing revenue. The setup of these contracts, along with the required ongoing maintenance, can be an extremely labor-intensive and error-prone process. Implement our Advanced Recurring Contract Billing product, and you can reap the following benefits:

  • Mass processing functionality allows you to create recognition entries for thousands of schedules in minutes.
  • Combine multiple types of charges (one-time, annual, monthly) on a single contract
  • Track both customers and end-users, if selling through resellers.
  • Generate invoices in batches
  • Automatically create a renewal at the end of the billing period.
  • Import consumption data to enable usage-based billing.
  • Use standard Microsoft Dynamic GP prices or our tiered-pricing utility for volume-based discounts.
  • Assign up to 40 user-defined fields to the schedules.
  • Easily manage both on-premise and SaaS-based pricing models, hardware, services, annual maintenance contracts, and metered billing.

Advanced Revenue & Expense Deferrals (ARED)

for Revenue Recognition.

If your customers pay upfront for an annual service contract, you probably use an Excel spreadsheet to track all of the unearned revenue from various contracts, and then manually record the changes as income is realized. Advanced Revenue & Expense Deferrals automates this entire process.

  • In-depth control and flexible deferrals.
  • Manage deferrals at the line item level.
  • A single invoice can have both deferred and no deferred items.
  • Deferrals can be recognized evenly per period, or on a per-diem basis.
  • Support is included for VSOE calculations (in compliance with FASB EITF 08-1 & SOP 97-2).
  • Revenue can be recognized in a straight-line method or based on specific milestones (for example, installation or go-live).
  • Forecasts can easily be generated to view recognition in future periods.
Advanced Revenue Expense Deferrals, binary stream software, accounting

The Subscription Billing Suite

provides in-depth control and flexibility to manage each stage of the billing cycle, all from within Microsoft Dynamics GP.

The Subscription Billing Suite is an end-to-end solution for your cyclical and subscription-based billing needs. Automate invoice creation, document distribution, and revenue recognition to streamline your billing process. 

Get an in-depth look at your subscription revenue, track key financial data in real-time and produce performance reports. Robust reporting features allow you to drill deeper and report on key metrics such as Monthly Recurring Revenue and Periodic Revenue Recognition, and quickly produce your GL reconciliation reports to satisfy audit requirements with ease.

eMailer Manager

simplifies the transmission of invoices.

After you create your invoices using ARCB, you still need to get them into the hands of your customers. With eMailer Manager, you can send out entire batches of documents with the click of a button!

  • Eliminate time-consuming and inefficient invoicing by automating document distribution.
  • Distribute invoices, SOP documents, AR statements, Purchase Orders, or Payroll documents to the correct recipient(s). Additional documents can also be attached, including newsletters, price lists, or customer-specific documents (signed contracts, SOWs).
  • Invoices can be emailed out, as a batch, to the correct recipients.
  • Our broadcast functionality also includes additional documents, such as a pricelist, or newsletter with the invoice.
  • Customer-specific documents, such as contracts or SOWs can also be included, and they will only go to the intended recipient.
  • Both posted and unposted documents can be transmitted.
  • In addition to SOP documents, eMailer also transmits AR Statements, PO documents, and Payroll information.
eMail Manager

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