Hold a Billing Schedule

The customer is going away and wants to temporarily stop all monthly deliveries of the cycling equipment. The company can put the billing schedule on hold so that no cycling equipment is sent to the customer and no invoices are created.

Note: To access the forms, ensure that you have selected Sales Order Processor as the role in your settings.

Putting a Billing Schedule on Hold

To put a billing schedule on hold, follow these steps: 

  1. Open the Billing Schedule List (Advanced Recurring Contract Billing (ARCB) > Billing Schedule List).
  2. In the list, select the billing schedule you want.
  3. Click the Actions tab, and click Hold > Hold Schedule, which opens the Billing Schedule Hold form.
  4. Specify the hold options you want.
  5. Click the Actions tab, and click Process > Hold.
  6. When you are asked to confirm the action, click Yes.
  7. Back on the Billing Schedule List, you can check the Status of the billing schedule has been changed to OnHold.

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