Binary Stream and Progressus join forces to revolutionize multi-company management

Multi-Entity Management

Published on: March 12, 2024

Binary Stream Software is proud to collaborate with Progressus, a dynamic project management solution, to introduce the new Progressus Project Multicompany solution. This innovative partnership aims to empower businesses with effortless multi-company management capabilities, revolutionizing the way transactions and financial oversight are handled across entities.

This project introduces a range of benefit-driven features designed to simplify complex accounting tasks, enhance financial oversight, and improve organizational efficiency.

“Simplified financial management is crucial for businesses operating across multiple entities,” says Lak Chahal, CEO at Binary Stream Software. “Together, we’re providing businesses with a comprehensive solution that streamlines multi-company management, allowing for efficient processing of transactions like timesheets and expense reports across entities from one entry point.”
Key features of the solution include:

  • Simplified financial oversight: The project ledger feature streamlines financial management, ensuring clear and organized financial records for efficient project management.
  • Improved budgeting accuracy: The budget management feature enhances project budgeting accuracy with customized entries and journals tailored to specific project requirements.
  • Efficient timesheet and expense management: The expense report feature simplifies timesheet and expense report management, improving overall efficiency.
  • Enhanced organizational efficiency: The company fields feature integrates company-specific fields into projects and resources, enhancing organizational efficiency and oversight.

Businesses can seamlessly manage multiple entities within Dynamics 365 Business Central, ensuring a unified management experience. With Progressus Project Multicompany, companies can streamline transactions across entities through a single entry point for timesheets, expense reports, and more, saving valuable time and reducing operational complexity.

“Together, we’re providing businesses with a unified and efficient management experience, simplifying transactions, and enhancing operational efficiency,” says Lak Chahal.

This integration also optimizes front-end and back-end operations, enabling businesses to streamline customer-facing and administrative tasks for improved operational efficiency. For more information about Progressus Project Multicompany and how it can revolutionize multi-company management for your business, please visit this website.

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