Consolidation accounting

Get the most from your company

The challenge of obtaining actionable data tends to multiply with each new entity, which is why consolidating accounts with the right ERP solution is so important. Keep everything in one place, cut down on time spent trying to get a full picture of operations and resources.

Access data at its most granular for the most meaningful reporting and analysis. Find out the true value of your organization and track and analyze trends in your market industry to better enable long term strategic decisions.

Give yourself the foundation to deliver optimal high-level performance in a multi-entity environment, improving financial reporting time and quality. Meet and exceed the challenges that many multi-entity organizations face in their pursuit of optimizing operational efficiencies and control.

  • Gather quantitative data that allows you to make decisions with confidence.
  • Meaningful reporting and analysis that gives you the information you need to get the most out of your resources.
  • Realize the full value of your organization and manage all your accounts from multiple locations in one place.
  • Enable strategic decision making by consolidating information from different locations and giving all stakeholders easy access to data.

What to look for in your ERP 

  • Industry-specific to ensure all complexities are covered.
  • Overall cost and value
  • Flexibility
  • Time to implement
  • An overview of all reports available outside of standard financial statements.
  • Supports multiple entities to make scaling easier.

Check out our guide to driving ERP functionality

Designed to help executives navigate the complexities of a multi-entity environment for optimal high-level performance. Find out the best practices for handling all the needs and responsibilities of a multi-business entity, from effectively consolidating your accounts to interpreting financial reports and statements.

  • Multi-Entity Management
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  • Subscription Billing Suite
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Multi-Entity Management

Multiple locations, centralized processing, robust reporting, and total visibility of all your resources. Save time and money by managing all manufacturing and distribution sites inside a single Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution. Provides powerful intercompany management for stock transfers, sales of stock from multiple locations, and automated processing.

Available on Microsoft Dynamics:

Subscription Billing Suite

Automate your invoice creation and document distribution processes to shorten the turnaround on invoice payments, then let the suite automate the revenue recognition process. A robust tool for reporting on the financial well being of your billing processes. You can drill deeper on key metrics such as monthly recurring revenue and periodic revenue recognition and quickly produce highly detailed GL reconciliation reports to satisfy even the most rigorous audit requirements.

Available on Microsoft Dynamics:

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