ERP solutions that scale as you grow

Manage and operate your resources with technology built to meet the demands of the telecommunication industry. Automate your billing, get real-time reports on performance and get full visibility into the financial health of your company. Make the most of your resources with cost-effective solutions that scale as you grow.

  • Meet the billing needs of a wider range of customers with ease.
  • Generate contracts that include one-time setup fees, monthly hosting charges, annual support renewals, and more.
  • Eliminate the uncertainty inherent with other solutions.
  • Reduce training time with a familiar interface and intuitive design.
Buildings Binary Stream

Multi-Entity Management

Manage multiple locations, centralized processing, robust reporting, and a total view for managing your company. Scale as you grow with a system that allows you quick and cost-effective access to reporting and gives you the ability to manage all your resources across all your entities in real time from one place.

Available on Microsoft Dynamics:
Streamlining processes with Binary Stream

Subscription Billing Suite

Automate your invoice creation and distribution to shorten the turnaround on payments. Report on the financial well-being of your billing processes with a robust solution built specifically for telecommunications companies. You can drill deeper on key metrics such as monthly recurring revenue and periodic revenue recognition and quickly produce highly detailed reconciliation reports to satisfy even the most rigorous audit requirements.

Available on Microsoft Dynamics:

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