Materials and supply chain

Stay on top of your supply chain

Monitor and update your supply chain in real time. Get full visibility of the lifecycle of materials and resources, allowing you to maximize supply and ensure your team always has what it needs on hand. Plan, track, and manage the use of resources using real-time data at every stage in the supply chain, from anywhere, at any time.

  • Reduce inefficiencies in your supply chain and materials management.
  • Maximize the materials and resources available to your team.
  • Get real-time insights that allow you to make quick decisions when time is of the essence.
  • You won’t need to retrain as we use the Microsoft Dynamics ERP interface so you can quickly take advantage of our features.

Enable supply visibility and tracking

  • Reduce incidences and costs associated with rush deliveries and emergency ordering.
  • Efficiently move supplies and equipment through the healthcare supply chain.
  • Reduce inventory levels and associate inventory turns.
  • Automate notifications of item utilization throughout the facility.

How our ERP solutions helped Frankford Hospitals with their supply chain 

Frankford Hospital’s previous system lacked full-functionality and forced a heavy reliance on manual data input and paper-based processes, which led to a lot of human error. In this case study, find out how our solution made all the difference.

  • Healthcare Materials Management
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Healthcare Materials Management

Lower overhead and eliminate the need for last-minute delivery with streamlined inventory counts and automated replenishment. Gain complete control over your materials and inventory management with increased visibility and efficiency. Get incredible reductions in operating costs through efficient supply chain management from inside Microsoft Dynamics ERP.

Available on Microsoft Dynamics:

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