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Booklet | 5 simple steps to revenue leakage prevention

This booklet focuses on actionable steps—helping you to identify specific profit drain issues and find practical solutions to plug them, ensuring a more secure financial position.

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Consolidation accounting
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    Report and forecast across multiple companies in real time
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    Handle intercompany transactions with ease
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    Ensure the accuracy and security of your data
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    Prepare your organization for future growth
Subscription management
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    Accommodate changing billing and pricing models swiftly
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    Automate recurring and complex billing cycles
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    Add intelligence to reports and forecasts
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    Comply with the latest accounting standards without hassle
Lease administration
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    Digitalize your lease portfolio across property, plants, and equipment
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    Streamline complex rates, terms, and charges with intuitive wizards
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    Gain real-time insights into your revenue and expense leases with built-in reports
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    Enable compliance with the latest lease accounting standards
  • Software and IT
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  • Telecommunications
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  • Manufacturing
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  • Real estate
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  • Finance and insurance
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  • Healthcare and long-term care
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  • Hospitality and franchising
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Tailored solutions for your industry
Software and IT

Make sure your operations are cost-effective, efficient, and scalable. Help your company grow with solutions tailor-made for software companies. Automate recurring billing and invoicing and make use of multiple pricing structures in one contract including one-time set-up fees, monthly hosting charges, annual support renewals, tiered pricing, usage-based billing, and more.


Support the unique needs of thousands of customers and adjust to their changes swiftly. Streamline your processes and enable future growth. Allows you to automate recurring billing and invoicing for multiple billing models.


Ensure your success with software that has been tried and tested for 20 years. Rapidly improve inventory management, receipt of goods, ordering and order fulfillment, serial and lot value inputting, document consolidation, and manage multiple companies and entities.

Real estate

Manage all your data and reports with ease and confidence, and make sure you have the tools you need to properly handle the complications of recurring billing and property lease management. Centralize your operations with a single database and easily generate separate performance reports for each property.

Finance and insurance

Fortify your critical financial and accounting processes and enhance your business analytics capabilities. Gain confidence with cost-effective insights into your company’s financial health. Real-time, dynamic reporting that is embedded in your system.

Healthcare and long-term care

Handle inventory and materials management workflows efficiently and with no errors. Improve provisioning and productivity, reduce operational costs, and get clear insights into the financial wellbeing of your organization. Manage multiple sites with a scalable solution that allows you to multiply your long-term care facilities without multiplying your costs.

Hospitality and franchising

Cater to a wide range of markets—across numerous franchises— with streamlined processes that ensure the quality of your customers' experience. Manage financial records across many locations, handle transactions between them, and gain performance insights that are fast, easy, and secure.

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