Give your finance function a health check with this simple questionnaire

Published on: January 25, 2022

As companies evolve and innovate, they usually set incredible goals and targets. Teams then get to work, excited by the prospect of reaching new heights. However, it’s worth noting that these lofty goals are often set at precarious heights without a stable foundation and may leave the finance department struggling to keep up.

Substantial budgets are often poured into product, marketing, development, and sales, while finance teams struggle with stagnant budgets, legacy systems, and an understaffed finance team. Tasked with matching the pace of their innovative teammates, they may struggle to balance an ever-increasing workload without the proper infrastructure in place.

Although investing in finance might not sound as exciting as launching a brand new, innovative product or service, it’s worth every penny. Leaders must consider finance the foundation on which all other departments build. Without systems and people in place who can handle the growth, plans are likely to fail, causing a domino effect that will impact every corner of your company.

Below is a quick health check to help you determine the robustness of your current finance function. This questionnaire is taken from our whitepaper “The finance leader’s playbook for financial transformation”, where you can find best practices to help you build a stronger financial backbone for your organization.healthcheck for your finance team

For more on how to build a stronger financial backbone for your company, read our whitepaper “The finance leader’s playbook for financial transformation”.

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