Steady Stream – Healthcare Materials Management

Published on: November 14, 2018

Do you want an optimized supply chain? Binary Stream’s Healthcare Materials Management (HMM) can help you maintain full control of your consumption-based supply chain, all from within Microsoft Dynamics GP.

With Healthcare Materials Management from Binary Stream, you can:

  1. Leverage mobile computers, automate data collection and utilize wireless technology for efficient paperless inventory processing. The point-of-use technology within HMM allows for simpler synchronization with billing systems and shows the supply items’ consumption history.
  2. Healthcare Materials Management streamlines your consumption-based supply chain management, reducing costly inefficiencies. It also optimizes your supply chain by providing deep control of your requisitions, procurement, fulfillment and consumption processes.
  3. By making the entire purchasing process much more visible and efficient, HMM allows you to measure and analyze item consumption across all departments. This will in-turn reduce inventory levels and associated acquisition problems.

On top of these features, with HMM you can use a Smart Device, tablet, handheld, or other mobile computer to receive and request materials, handle physical counts, calculate materials to be ordered based on PAR levels, and transfer out materials. All data is transferred to GP in real-time. This allows for incredible time-savings and unmatched control.

Further capabilities of HMM include:

Efficiency at your fingertips

This system is built to reduce issues in your supply chain, particularly the frequency of rush deliveries and emergency orders. As part of reducing issues in the supply chain, HMM measures and analyzes item consumption across all departments and uses paperless supply order and restocking procedures.

Easy Visibility

HMM’s easy visibility will allow you to receive items from many POs in one receipt window, control stock/non-stock inventories, manage multiple bins, serialized and lot-based items.

To learn more about Healthcare Materials Management and what Binary Stream can do to simplify your accounting procedures, please contact an Account Manager for a free consultation.

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