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Microsoft Dynamics has established a reputation as a leading provider of ERP solutions to the healthcare industry by meeting the deep financial management requirements and specific workflows demanded by the industry. Binary Stream is closely aligned with Microsoft and has developed an innovative suite of Enterprise products that are fully integrated to Microsoft Dynamics GP. Binary Stream’s healthcare solutions streamlines cross-facility processes, increases productivity, delivers the business insights required to improve decision making, and reduces costs in areas that are critical for healthcare organizations.

Managing multiple databases is a common theme in healthcare, with 55% of Long Term Care providers managing more than one facility. For these multi-entity operations, Binary Stream delivers a scalable solution that streamlines workflows and aligns the entire organization. This centralized approach enables collaborative decision-making and improves operational efficiencies throughout the organization. Binary Stream delivers tier one functionality at a tier two price, providing a lower total cost of ownership so you can focus on what’s important: patient care.

A growing trend in healthcare organizations is to enhance their Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP system to keep up with the financial management demands of their operations. This becomes particularly critical in budget analysis where budget constraints are measured against capacity and desired patient care levels. Many healthcare providers today still work with more antiquated and legacy financial systems. Accordingly, today’s healthcare systems must have a renewed emphasis on more robust financial management systems more so than ever before.

Binary Stream works with you to solve these and many other industry-specific business challenges.

“As Microsoft continues to develop industry relevant solutions, Binary Stream has proven that they have the experience to align their development efforts with this industry approach. Microsoft is proud to partner with Binary Stream in healthcare.”

Paul E. Smolke
Managing Director of Worldwide Health
Microsoft Corporation

Multi-Entity Management for Healthcare

  • Allow for multiple clinics, long-term care facilities, or hospitals to operate from one centralized database.
  • Single Master File Records such as items and vendors.
  • Centralized purchasing & receiving.
  • Fully automated full audit trail for intercompany processing.
  • Easily share inventory between different sites.
  • Centralized reporting to get an accurate view of your corporate performance across all facilities in your organization.
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Binary Stream product - healthcare materials management

Healthcare Materials Management

  • Streamline your healthcare supply chain and reduce costly inefficiencies.
  • Manage requisitions, procurement, fulfillment and consumption processes all from within Microsoft Dynamics GP.
  • Gain greater visibility into your supply chain and deliver reports with improved accuracy and transparency.
  • Optimize PAR levels by inventory site.
  • Accurately capture inventory and cost data with handhelds.

National Accounts for Payables for Healthcare

  • Consolidate and Process Multiple Vendor Payments.
  • Apply credit memos to both Parent and Child accounts.
  • Consolidate multiple vendor payments & auto apply payments to Child invoices.
  • Cut a single check for Parent accounts instead of many checks.
  • Separate remittances for each Child account and invoices paid in the process.
  • Modified Payables transaction inquiries for quick payment reports.
  • View Parent or Child transaction history.
Binary Stream product - NAP
Binary Stream product - VCPR

Vendor Contract and Rebates for Healthcare

  • Control and manage your Contracts, Purchase Order Discounts and Rebates.
  • Ensure that specific pricing for items from particular contract vendors is maintained on all purchase orders.
  • Contracts are term sensitive and close when expired.
  • Items bought on contract from vendors will automatically display contract pricing on each Purchase Order so nothing falls between the cracks.
  • Automatically select the best pricing option for your order needs.
  • Process rebates to any vendor(s) at any time interval necessary.
  • AP debit notes can be automatically generated to the vendors AP account.
  • Customized rebate reports confirm rebate claims.

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