Healthcare Materials Management

Healthcare Materials Management

A scalable solution for the Healthcare industry with functionality designed to solve industry-specific business challenges.

Optimize materials management and maintain full control of your consumption-based supply chain, all from within Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Why go with Healthcare Materials Management?

binary stream healthcare materials management

Point-of-Use/Mobile Technology

Leverage mobile computers, automated data collection, and wireless technology for efficient paperless inventory processes. The point-of-use technology allows for simpler synchronization with billing systems and shows the supply items consumption history.

Streamlined Supply Chain

Healthcare Materials Management streamlines your consumption-based supply chain management, reducing costly inefficiencies. It also optimizes your supply chain by providing deep control of your requisitions, procurement, fulfillment & consumption processes.

Greater Visibility & Efficiency

By making the entire purchasing process much more visible and efficient, HMM allows you to measure and analyze item consumption across all departments. This will in-turn reduce inventory levels and associated acquisition problems.


Mobile Support

Web Based Portal

Use a Smart Device, tablet, handheld, or other mobile computer to receive and request materials, handle physical counts, calculate materials to be ordered based on PAR levels, and transfer out materials. All data is transferred to GP in real-time.

Requisition Portal

Users can access this portal through the use of a smart device, tablet, handheld, or other mobile computer. With it’s ease-of-use, handle procurements, request materials, review status or requests, and transfer data to GP in real-time.

Healthcare Materials Management

Effective Supply Chain Management 

HMM optimizes your supply chain by providing deep control of your requisitions, procurement, fulfillment and consumption processes. Using HMM, you can enhance business intelligence and provide a holistic view of your supply chain.

Cost Savings

With materials management as the second highest cost center for many hospitals and clinics with central stores, HMM by Binary Stream helps to provide the insight needed to efficiently manage, and reduce material costs.

PAR level for Healthcare in HMM
Item Activity Report for HMM

Increase Visibility & Efficiency

Efficiency at your fingertips

This system is built to reduce issues in your supply chain, particularly the frequency of rush deliveries and emergency orders. As part of reducing issues in the supply chain, HMM measures & analyzes item consumption across all departments and uses paperless supply order and restocking processes.

Easy Visibility

HMM’s easy visibility will allow you to receive items from many POs in one receipt window, control stock/non-stock inventories, manage multiple bins, serialized and lot-based items.


Improve Financial Management and Transparency

Financial Performance

HMM will help you get an in-depth look at your financial performance with the ability to track and analyze material expenses by department and by facility.

Reporting Made Easy

HMM comes loaded with out-of-the box reporting software such as Stock Turnover, ABC Analysis, and many more to help you monitor your supply chain. The program also helps extend the functionality of GP’s Smartlist builder with added access to healthcare materials fields.

Receipts Accrual Report for Healthcare
HMM Par Level Management

PAR Level Management Made Easy

Single Click Replenishment

HMM controls PAR levels by inventory site, replenishes inventory sites to PAR levels with a single click and can easily export consumption records to Excel to analyze and modify the PAR level of any item.

Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration to Dynamics GP. HMM is built in Dexterity, the native programming language of Dynamics GP. With the same look and feel as you are used to in Dynamics GP, training time is minimized.

Flexible Deployment Options. Our products can be deployed on-premise, in a hosted environment or in the cloud as part of Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP.

For healthcare organizations operating multiple entities. HMM is fully integrated with Multi-Entity Management (MEM), providing the ability to manage multiple entities in a single database and centralize processes.

Integration to our suite of Healthcare products. In addition to MEM, HMM integrates with our full suite of Healthcare products, including National Accounts for Payables and Vendor Contract Pricing and Rebates.

Integration with Hospital Information Systems. HMM integrates with many popular Hospital Information Systems, EDI systems and patient billing systems, ensuring all your information systems are aligned and working together.

Enterprise level functionality at a mid-tier price

Improve Purchasing Efficiencies

  • Simplify purchase department issuance and patient consumption.
  • Eliminate manual inventory management with three units of measure for every item (purchase, issue, and patient).
  • Group multiple purchase requests for bulk purchasing.
  • Built-in materials workflow to automatically determine whether goods are issued through stores or purchasing.
  • Manage inventory replenishment through smart system-generated quantity suggestions.

Simplified Requisitioning

  • Approved requisitions for stock items are replenished from stores.
  • Approved requisitions for non-stock items go to Purchase Order Processing for ordering, centralized purchasing, and/or receiving.

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New Software Helps Hospital Chain Share Information, Streamline Processes

Frankford Hospitals saves time and money through managing their inventory with greater precision and control. Binary Stream’s Materials Management piece was an important addition to Frankford Hospital’s Microsoft Dynamics GP project.

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