Power Your Business with Advanced Recurring Contract Billing

Power Your Business with Advanced Recurring Contract Billing

A powerful solution that adapts to every revenue model and recurring billing scenario without added expense, maintenance, or costly errors.

Automate Your Recurring Billing Cycle

It is time to eliminate time-consuming, costly and inefficient invoicing by automating processes, and streamlining payments while dramatically improving performance.

  • Automate any cyclical, subscription, annual contract, and usage, metered or tiered billing schedule you can think of.
  • billing-complexities-2Gone are the days of manual, error-prone billing. You can maintain complete accuracy while processing hundreds or hundreds of thousands of monthly invoices. Our Advanced Recurring Billing Contract software can create over fifty thousand invoices in under fifteen minutes.
  • Benefit from a true end-to-end solution from front-end billing, eCommerce, tax solutions and ePayment solutions integrated into your Microsoft Dynamics GP instance.
  • Simplify billing cycles and renewal periods.
  • Process renewals based on pre-defined templates.


Complex Billing Schedules Made Easy

Anyone can do standard billings. ARCB gives you ultimate flexibility in creating billable schedules for your customers, eliminating repetitive, tedious tasks.

  • Easily manage license and subscription or SaaS-based pricing models, hardware, services, annual maintenance contracts, tiered and metered billing.
  • Automatically recognize revenue, whether it’s all-at-once, recurring, or deferred.
  • Handle tiered pricing, variable consumption, and Work In Progress simply.
  • Simple to set up, easy to use, and capable of handling complex billing scenarios.
  • Seamless integration with our Advanced Revenue & Expense Deferrals to manage your deferrals.

 An end-to-end recurring or subscription billing solution. From automating complex billing schedules, tax integrations, to online payments.  

Acquire Scalable Capabilities your CFO Expects

  • Benefit from true forecasting visibility into the future revenues of your organization.
  • Easily scale as your business grows. ARCB can handle hundreds or hundreds of thousands of lines or invoices at a time.
  • Leverage the business processes your CFO expects, and enjoy easy-to-use functionality for your team.
  • Gain business insight and manage your churn rates.



In-Depth Control with an Array of Billing Parameters at the Line Level

  • Various billing periods – daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual.
  • Deferred or non-deferred revenue recognition.
  • Positive or negative price escalations.
  • Escalations based on percentage, fixed amount, CPI, or a combination.
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP Standard or Extended pricing, or fixed-based pricing.
  • Tiered, or cumulative pricing.
  • Free quantities, with minimum or maximum billing, based on amount or cost.

Designed for SaaS Billing with Varying Billing Frequencies

ARCB was developed to handle the complex billing scenarios experienced in your SaaS business – automate any billing cycle you can think of.

You can combine a one-time setup fee with monthly usage fees and an annual support renewal with ease within Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Advanced Contract Recurring Billing varying billing frequencies

A fully integrated solution to simplify subscription billing

Fully Integrated Solution for Dynamics GP Seamless Integration to Microsoft Dynamics GP: ARCB is built in Dexterity, the native programming language of Dynamics GP. With the same look and feel as you are used to in Dynamics GP, training time is minimized. 

Flexible Deployment Options: Our software can be deployed on-premise, in a hosted environment or in the cloud as part of Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP.

Have multiple entities, divisions or businesses? ARCB seamlessly integrates with Multi-Entity Management, a fully integrated solution to Dynamics GP that offers true centralization of your many entities or divisions.

Also integrates with other Binary Stream Products. Seamlessly Integrates with Advanced Revenue Expense Deferrals (ARED), Multi-Entity Management (MEM), Sales Document Consolidation (SDC), eMailer Manager (EM). Works in a product suite with for software companies and other companies with subscription billing and recurring revenue requirements.

Third-party integrations? Since ARCB integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics GP, you can benefit from third-party integrations into your Dynamics GP instance – such as Sales Tax Solutions, ePayment solutions and more.

Front-end Gateway Integrations. Integrate to electronic payment, e-commerce, online bill pay, or point-of-sale gateways.

Want an End-to-end Solution? Work better together when you connect your people, processes, and systems all from one place. Connect your front-end quoting/order entry systems, your Microsoft Suite of Products and other Third-Party Products.

Advanced Recurring Contract Billing

Manage Complexities of Subscription Billing with Ease

  • Quickly and easily manage regular billing cycles in Microsoft Dynamics GP.
  • Deliver great flexibility in invoicing with automated billing features for calendar billing, anniversary billing, subscription-based, and metered or usage-based billing.
  • Improve billing efficiency with mass creation of invoices.
  • Benefit from the ability to track work-in-progress for the management of unbilled contract work, which ensures that you operate with the most current business intelligence.
  • Simplify evergreen billing with auto-renewal functionality.
  • Set promotional pricing for certain billing periods by percentage or amount. Easily apply promotions and set discounts on the fly.
  • Split by kit items. Sales account distribution and revenue can be split by kit or component.
  • You enter the billing start and end dates, frequency, number of occurrences and ARCB calculates the end-date and builds the schedule for you.

Tiered Pricing

Tiered pricing, also known as step pricing, is a very popular pricing model in the SaaS and subscription world. The Tiered Pricing module allows you to set prices based on cumulative steps in the pricing matrix; further enhancing the flexibility of ARCB with the following features:

  • Free Quantities. Just like on your mobile phone plan, your customer can get a certain number of items/units/minutes free, based on the period or the entire contract.
  • Committed Amounts. Allows special pricing based on your customer committing to a pre-determined usage; can be based on minimum billing or maximum billing per period.
  • Expansion Window. Gives you the ability to drill in and see how the price was derived by displaying the pricing options selected for the transaction.

Work in Progress

The Work in Progress module gives you the ability to see dollars reflected on your balance sheet as soon as you sign the contract.

  • Define a WIP account and an Unearned Revenue account, and process the entire contract to the balance sheet.
  • As each periodic invoice is created, the funds are moved from the WIP account to the Accounts Receivable account, and from the Unearned Revenue account to the Revenue account.

Control Billings, Saving You Time and Money

  • Manage your balance sheet in real-time with Work in Progress Revenue Recognition — dollars are recognized the minute the contract is signed.
  • Control your billing schedules through the ability to define individual start/end dates and billing frequencies.
  • Effortlessly handle different billing options such as prorating, alignments, one-time billings and minimum quantity billings.
  • Keep on top of your recurring billings, catch missed billing periods and achieve accurate forecasts for future revenues.


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A powerful solution that adapts to every revenue model and recurring billing scenario without added expense maintenance, or costly errors with Advanced Recurring Contract Billing.

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