Advanced Revenue & Expense Deferrals for Dynamics 365 for Operations (formerly AX)

Advanced Revenue & Expense Deferrals for Dynamics 365 for Operations (formerly AX)

Easily recognize revenue and/or expenses for General Journal Vouchers and Sales Order Transactions for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations (AX).

Reduce Your Risk. Comply with Revenue Recognition Requirements.

  • Automate revenue recognition in accordance with complex and evolving accounting standards.
  • Effectively meet audit and compliance requirements in a timely manner.
Advanced Revenue and Expense Deferrals for AX Deferral Options

Gain In-Depth Control and Flexibility of Your Deferrals.

  • Alleviate the painstaking process of managing mass deferrals.
  • Benefit from the flexibility to manage deferrals by individual sales order item.
  • Set unique recognition parameters for each deferrable item.
  • Gain complete control over the timing of when you post your revenue and expense recognition journals.
  • Apply different revenue recognition methods, including Straight-line, Events, Milestones and Percentage of Completion.

Forecast Revenue with Accuracy and Transparency.

  • Gain full details of your recognition activities of the past.
  • Analyze the impact of future revenue growth with detailed month-by-month revenue and deferral forecasting.
  • Satisfy your audit requirements with a snapshot of deferral balances at any point in time.
  • Reduce or even eliminate the use of spreadsheets and dramatically reduce errors.
  • Ensure the accuracy of your financial statements by never missing a deferral.
Advanced Revenue and Expense Deferrals for AX Schedule Audit Trail
Advanced Revenue and Expense Deferrals for AX Detail Inquiry

Satisfy IFRS, FASB, and GAAP Compliances.

  • “Revenue from Contract with Customers” or “Accounting for Multiple-Element Arrangement” – ensure your revenue is recognized according to the accounting standards.
  • Staying on top of revenue recognition is a major challenge, and it’s complicated by fast-changing rules. AREX supports with the latest EITF 08-1, SOP 97-2, ASU 2014-09 [FASB ASC 606], and IFRS-15.

A Fully Integrated Solution.

Seamless Integration to Dynamics 365 for Operations. AREX has the same look and feel as you are used to in Dynamics 365 for Operations, training time is minimized.

Flexible Deployment Options. Our products can be deployed on-premise, in a hosted environment or in the cloud as part of Microsoft Dynamics ERP.

Advanced Revenue & Expense Deferrals for 365 for Operations

Features & Benefits

Enhance Dynamics 365 Deferral Functionality

Maximize your Dynamics 365 productivity gains through Advanced Revenue and Expense Deferrals’ (AREX) ability to support GL and Sales Orders.

Leverage the ability to mass process schedule transactions to corresponding periods, configure posting dates, and the enhanced proration functionality.

Improve Corporate Performance

Gain in-depth control and flexibility through managing deferrals by line item and efficiently managing mass deferrals for enhanced business intelligence. Delivering robust functionality, AREX enhances corporate performance by improving forecasting.

Optimize Complex Revenue & Expense Deferrals

Advanced Revenue & Expense Deferrals (AREX) is a superior solution to simplify complex deferrals. Offering the highest integration possible for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations, AREX automates sales deferral schedule tracking and calculations, with the option to set deferral of specific items by default and supports mass processing functionality allowing the user to create recognition entries for thousands of schedules in minutes.

  • Summarize Recognition Journal – consolidate distributions for each deferral ledger account (as opposed to showing lines and lines of detailed schedules under a particular deferral ledger account).
  • AP Invoice Journal – can create deferral schedules for distributions (such as expenses) that need deferring from an AP voucher.

Automate the Revenue Deferral Process

  • Automate the calculation of revenue to be recognized over a period of time and create the associated revenue recognition schedules, eliminating the need to maintain manual schedules in Excel. Create individual deferral schedules for each line item on a Sales Order or Purchase Order.
  • Accommodate complex revenue recognition options: calculate revenue to be recognized per diem, equal monthly allotments, and prorate the first and last periods for mid-month transactions.

Simplify Month-End Processes

  • Create monthly revenue recognition journal entries with the click of a button and eliminate the need to calculate and enter those transactions manually.
  • Access detailed revenue recognition transaction history.

Simplify Compliance

Adhere to revenue recognition guidelines from FASB, IFRS and other reporting and regulatory bodies including support for Vendor Specific Objective Evidence (VSOE) calculations.

Modify Revenue Recognition Schedules

Cancel a revenue recognition schedule with ease, temporarily put a schedule on hold and halt revenue recognition, change a sales or deferred account in the middle of a revenue recognition period, as required.

Integrate with Third-Party Front-End Systems

Create sales orders outside of Dynamics 365, upload to Dynamics 365 and automatically create revenue recognition schedules for all deferrable items.

Manage Detailed Audit Trails

Run inquiries that provide clear insight into the deferral schedules created, transactions posted and any reversals or credits applied giving you additional control over your data.

Transparent Reporting

  • Drill down to the original invoice for specific revenue recognition journal entries. Review recognized revenue and forecast based on future allocations.
  • Drill down from a ledger voucher to see which deferral schedule lines relate to that  particular transaction

Easy to Set-up & Easy to Use

The Advanced Revenue & Expense Deferrals brings a simple and straight-forward workflow to revenue and expense recognition management. From setup to journal entry automation, you will see time savings in every aspect.


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Advanced Revenue & Expense Deferrals (ARED) for AX delivers in-depth control and flexibility to the entire deferrals process. Manage mass deferrals, manage by line item, use recognition templates and full recognition schedule flexibility.

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Manage mass deferrals for enhanced business intelligence. Achieve in-depth control and flexibility managing deferrals by line item, improve revenue and expense forecasting.

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