Manufacturing & Distribution

Manufacturing & Distribution

Drive Down Real-Time Costs And Increase Competitive Margins With Specialized Products To Increase Both Profitability And Production.

Binary Stream in Manufacturing & Distribution

Work Faster and Smarter with Products Specifically Tailored for Manufacturing and Distribution.

For nearly two decades, Binary Stream has easily improved upon processes in Manufacturing and Distribution with their many ‘out of the box’ solutions.  These simple yet complex solutions have succeeded in several benefits. Our Manufacturing & Distribution solutions can improve your business operations and keep you agile to changing market demands so you can focus on creating innovative products.

Eliminate Death by Excel.

From vendor contract/customer rebate management to managing recurring billing of goods to customers, Binary Stream products take away processes initially managed by labor intensive staff with a multitude of spreadsheets and brings these processes to Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP.  Binary Stream products with Microsoft Dynamics ERP make it easier to manage simple yet complex business processes and allow staff to be more productive by empowering them to focus on more complex purchasing, sales, and inventory processes in their distribution/manufacturing environment.

Less is More.

Simplify workflows and increasing productivity in areas such as inventory management, receipt of goods, order, and fulfillment.  Binary Stream products streamline processes within these areas such as serial/lot inputs, document consolidation and mass emailing documents such as invoices, orders, quotes and returns.

Reporting Capabilities.

Binary Stream products utilize user-friendly reporting tools offered by Microsoft Dynamics ERP to allow for the quick and easy ways to look up specific serial/lot number activities, contracts, calculate rebates and more

A Fully Integrated Solution.

Seamless Integration to Microsoft Dynamics GP: Warehouse and Manufacturing staff who already access their Microsoft Dynamics ERP system will experience the same look and feel you are used to in Dynamics GP when using Binary Stream products. Training time is minimized.

Flexible Deployment Options: Our software can be deployed on-premise, hosted or in the cloud as part of Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP.

Enhancements and Upgradability: Binary Stream Products are always current with the latest Microsoft Dynamics ERP versions and products releases so Warehouse and Manufacturing IT Administrators need not worry about customized software between version upgrades.

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Multi-Entity Management

for Organizations with Many Manufacturing/Distribution Entities or Locations.

  • Manage Multiple Distributions/Manufacturing entities or locations in a single database.
  • Full intercompany management for stock transfers, sales of stock from multiple distribution/manufacturing locations or entities.
  • Consolidated reporting and inquiries for inventory, purchase orders, sales and manufacturing.
  • Centralized Purchasing for multiple distribution/manufacturing locations.
  • Financial Management to manage all manufacturing/distribution entities or locations in a single database for ease of single/consolidated inquiries and reports.

Advanced Recurring Contract Billing

for Manufacturing & Distribution.

  • Manage Complex Billing & Recurring Orders for Customers.
  • Ability to import Contracts.
  • Multiple Billing Options such as proration, alignment, one-time billings and Tiered Pricing.
  • Mass Process Tens of Thousands of Billings saving hours of processing.
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Advanced Revenue & Expense Deferrals

for Manufacturing & Distribution.

  • Manage complex Revenue and Expense Deferrals for Sales Invoices and Purchasing Receipts for each line item on an invoice/receipt.
  • Deferral options include Straight-Line, Event-Based or Milestone Based.
  • Automatic deferral schedules created during invoice/receipt creation attached at item-level.
  • Many Deferral Schedule Types such as:
    • Equal Per Period
    • Per Diem
    • Prorated
    • Date-Based
  • GL Deferral Account ‘Snapshot’ report letting you know what has been deferred/not deferred as of a particular date for Deferred/Non-Deferred Accounts.

Vendor Contract and Rebates

  • Ensure that specific pricing for items from particular purchasing contracts and contract vendors is maintained on all purchase orders.
  • Assign Items and contract terms.
  • Associate each contract with a vendor, inventory items and link to many customers.
  • Contracts are term sensitive and close when expired.
  • Automatically select the best pricing option for your order needs.
  • Batch process rebates.
  • AP debit notes are automatically generated to the vendors AP account.
  • Customized rebate reports confirm rebate claims.
investment management, binary stream, software, accounting,
investment management, binary stream, software, accounting,

Serial and/or Lot Number Processing

  • Copy & Paste serial and/or lot numbers into Microsoft Dynamics ERP instead of manual process saving hours of time and labor expense.
  • Copy & Paste from any delimited-file.
  • Can be utilized in the following distribution/manufacturing processes:
    • Receipt of Goods
    • Inventory Transfers
    • Sales Orders/Invoices/Returns
    • Inventory Stock Counts
    • Manufacturing Orders
  • Perform inquiries on one or many serial/lot numbers at once.
  • Replace Serial Numbers already entered in your Microsoft Dynamics ERP.

Sales Document Splitter

  • Split Sales Invoices, Orders, Quotes, Returns or Back Orders.
  • Split by Item Class, Item, Manufacturing/Distribution Location.
  • Complete Audit Trail of Split.
  • Ability to link split documents back to their original document.
  • Send the right information to the right customers.
  • Fully Integrated with EDI by vSync (Acellos).
  • Reduce transaction processing costs.
  • Improve customer responsiveness.
  • Consolidate documents to save handling and processing time.
investment management, binary stream, software, accounting,
investment management, binary stream, software, accounting,

Sales Document Consolidation

  • Merge Invoices, Orders, or Quotes by various criteria.
  • Manage and send just one consolidated document to customers.
  • Restore accidently merged documents.
  • Look-up previously merged documents.
  • Increase productivity and sales turnover.
  • Reduce transaction processing costs.
  • Improve customer responsiveness.
  • Consolidate documents to save handling and processing time.

National Accounts for Payables

  • Create many Parent/Child relationships manufacturers or distributors
  • Apply credit memos to both Parent and Child accounts
  • Consolidate multiple vendor payments & auto apply payments to Child invoices
  • Cut a single check for Parent accounts instead of many checks
  • Separate remittances for each Child account and invoices paid in the process
  • Modified Payables transaction inquiries for quick payment reports
  • View Parent or Child transaction history
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eMailer Manager

Significantly reduce document delivery times

  • Batch-deliver key documents to customers, employees and vendors via email or fax
  • Auto attach additional files, such as newsletters or price lists, in one easy step

Familiar, easy-to-use interfaces

  • Fully embedded with and offers a similar interface to Microsoft Dynamics ERP
  • Uses Adobe PDF or novaPDF
  • Works with SRS and Crystal Reports Formats
  • Email integration to Outlook and SMTP
  • Reduce paper-based document deliveries and costs
  • Automatically store electronic PDF document copies
  • Achieve green, paper-saving practices

Improve customer responsiveness and accelerate transactions

  • Send both posted and un-posted documents
  • Assign multiple email address IDs per email

Increase stakeholder satisfaction

  • Customize your message templates by document, customer or vendor
  • Easily review previously sent or archived documents
  • Include picking tickets and packing slips

SOP Auto Fulfillment

  • Fulfill priority orders first
  • Minimize order processing costs
  • Maximize in-stock inventory
  • Improve receivables and inventory turnover
  • Efficiently fulfill partial sales orders in a priority sequence
  • Specify fulfillment priorities by Order ID
  • Restrict fulfillment by Sites
  • Fulfill multiple orders at a time
  • Transfer orders from one batch to another

Internal Sales Distribution

Streamline Transaction Processing

  • Efficiently process intercompany inventory related transactions
  • Automatic determination of internal or external sales transactions

Significantly Reduce Transaction Processing Time

  • Process transactions in batches
  • Automatic inventory adjustments to manage inventory consumed on-site

Better Access to Data

  • Track and monitor internal sales distributions
  • Enhanced reports to reflect internal vs external transactions

Improve inventory related decision-making

  • Less Manual Data Entry ensures more accurate data
  • Automation processes speed up transactions, allowing more time for analysis

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