Binary Stream and PairSoft empower multi-entities on Dynamics 365 BC

Published on: June 30, 2022

Binary stream and PairSoft

Binary Stream and PairSoft join forces to empower multi-entities by combining tools for comprehensive financial consolidation and document management within Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC. The partnership will align solutions to reduce complexities and automate the many time-consuming administrative processes that slow teams down.

Both teams focus on seamlessly integrating with D365 BC and share a strategic vision that puts the end-user front and center. By building solutions that enable land-and-expand strategies for Microsoft users, this partnership aims to empower multi-entity companies across the globe.

Lak Chahal, CEO of Binary Stream, commented on the potential of the partnership.

“The future looks bright for the powerful combination of Multi-Entity Management and PairSoft’s document manager. We’re delighted to increase our functionality by working with a team that builds robust solutions and understands the importance of seamless integration with D365 BC.”

PairSoft’s financial automation solutions enable company-wide efficiency and collaboration. Commenting on the partnership, Matt Cotter, CEO of PairSoft, also looked to the future.

“We’re excited to grow this partnership and enable customers to implement better financial management. We’re happy to partner with a team that always puts the customer first and has a proven track record with Microsoft Dynamics.”

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