Binary Stream partners with Njevity to solve multi-company accounting challenges in Dynamics GP

Multi-Entity Management

Published on: April 7, 2022

Binary Stream and Njevity join forces to empower companies to manage multi-company accounting within Dynamics GP using  Multi-Entity Management (MEM). By combining powerful tools with steadfast customer experiences, this partnership effectively fills the white space in GP, enabling users with complete control of all legal entities and the ability to save valuable time and resources so they can focus on more strategic goals.

Mike McPhilomy, Director of Sales and Marketing at  Njevity, believes that the power of MEM is in how familiar it is to customers while giving them powerful tools to manage operations better as they grow.

“What we commonly see with multi-companies is that customers feel like they have outgrown their accounting solution and cannot handle the complexity as they add more entities. However, that is not the case with MEM and the beauty of this solution is that the learning curve isn’t steep as it integrates fully with Microsoft Dynamics GP.”

The partnership will launch with a joint webinar on the 14th of April, 2022. It will be an opportunity for customers to explore the functionality of MEM and will include a product demo. Find  out more about the webinar here.

Lak Chahal, CEO of Binary Stream, sees this webinar as the start of a long partnership between the two companies.

“We’re excited to see where this partnership goes because there’s so much alignment with the quality we expect and the level of service we commit to when empowering customers. This webinar is just the first step, and we’re excited about what the future might hold.”

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