eMailer Manager for Dynamics GP

eMailer Manager for Dynamics GP

Goodbye paper. Hello digital.

How Much Time do You Spend Sending Documents to Your Clients, Vendors and Employees?

Reduce document processing time and paper costs with eMailer Manager. Designed specifically for Microsoft Dynamics GP users, eMailer Manager allows you to batch deliver key documents to customers, employees and vendors by email or fax, saving you valuable time and money.



Superior Performance to Minimize Costs.

Improve customer responsiveness and accelerate transactions with eMailer Manager. A proven document delivery solu­tion for batch processing emails and faxes within Microsoft Dynamics GP.

SOP documents, Purchase Orders, EFT Payables Remittances, Project Accounting Invoices and Employee Payroll Remittances can be emailed or faxed within a single batch process to streamline and simplify your document delivery process.

Documents are auto­matically converted to PDF files and saved to your servers before they are emailed through Microsoft® Outlook.

eMailer Manager can send thousands of documents at a time enabling you to save up to 80% of your document processing costs.

Efficient Document Delivery Management.

Ensure your documents are going to the right person with the right message. Delivery options can be set for each documents such as, Invoices, Orders, Purchase Orders, etc.

Batch process your documents using standard Microsoft Dynamics GP batches. When sending documents, you can transfer documents from one batch to another.


Seamless Integrations.

Seamless Integration to Dynamics GP. eMailer Manager is built in Dexterity, the native programming language of Dynamics GP. With the same look and feel as you are used to in Dynamics GP, training time is minimized.

Flexible Deployment Options. Our products can be deployed on-premise, in a hosted environment or in the cloud as part of Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP.

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eMailer Manager Features.

Significantly reduce document delivery times

  • Batch-deliver key documents to customers, employees and vendors through email or fax.
  • Automatically attach additional files, such as newsletters or price lists, in one easy step.

Familiar, easy-to-use interfaces

  • Fully embedded with and offers a similar interface to Microsoft Dynamics GP.
  • Uses Adobe PDF or novaPDF.
  • Works with SRS and Crystal Reports Formats.
  • Email integration to Outlook and SMTP.

Achieve green, paper-saving practices

  • Reduce paper-based document deliveries and costs.
  • Automatically store electronic PDF document copies.

Improve customer responsiveness and accelerate transactions

  • Send both posted and un-posted documents.
  • Assign multiple email address IDs per message.

Increase stakeholder satisfaction

  • Customize your message templates by document, customer or vendor.
  • Easily review previously sent or archived documents.
  • Include picking tickets and packing slips.


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