Intercompany Bridge

Intercompany Bridge

Streamline your business by automating intercompany transactions between your Microsoft Dynamics GP databases. Quickly and easily post transactions between different companies and different accounts, even in different currencies. More than an intercompany postings solution, Intercompany Bridge simplifies consolidated reporting and customer or vendor transaction inquiries across all of your companies, and so much more.

Why Intercompany Bridge?


Transactions & Allocations

Easily process single screen allocations or automate intercompany transactions and post to the GL destination company, even in another database.

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Reporting & Inquiries

Effortlessly pull info from multiple companies without needing to log in and out of databases or having to design specialized reports.

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Synchronization of

Master Records

Update a single master file, such as customer, vendor, and employee records, and map it across your selected companies.

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Superior Productivity

The little things with great impact, such as transferring inventory and applying cash receipts to multiple invoices, to and from other entities in a single window.

Intercompany Bridge Offers Value Beyond $ Savings

When you’re looking for a solution to cut costs, it’s easy to focus on price. And sure enough, Intercompany Bridge delivers a great product in a very economical price range, without the costly need to import legacy data or purchase additional modules. What can easily be forgotten is the toll that repetitive, manual processes can take on your team. Logging in and out of databases, repeatedly updating and entering the same customer or vendor info in multiple databases, or even searching for invoices. Binary Stream’s Intercompany Bridge solution can help transform your team environment AND their operational efficiency. With Intercompany Bridge, it’s as easy as that!


Get the whole picture with consolidated reporting and inquiries

Do you struggle to get that snapshot of your business standings at any point-in-time? Would you love to close your month- or year-end quicker? Can you collect all the info you need, across all companies without using spreadsheets? Skip the hassle of logging in and out of databases with Intercompany Bridge and get the info you need without having to navigate the spreadsheet jungle. Intercompany Bridge reports such as Aged Receivables and Trial Balances are now simple to pull, regardless of the database they’re located in.

Eliminate redundant data entry with shared master record syncing

So maybe your processes work, and they may even be easy to understand. But, could you be wasting valuable resources on non-productive tasks? Why bother entering vendor data in five different areas? Rather than entering the same information into multiple databases, enter your customer, vendor or employee info once and assign it to the appropriate companies. With Intercompany Bridge, this process is simple and easy!


Efficiency is more than just a Buzzword, it’s a fact!

Sometimes, it’s the little things that mean a lot. Take, for instance, cash receipts. Intercompany Bridge offers single-screen cash receipt processing across all databases. Or, maybe it’s the single screen cash transfers to banks in other databases, even with different currencies. OR, it’s the single screen allocations that allow you to distribute your transaction amounts regardless of the database.

With Intercompany Bridge there are plenty of little things to make your work simpler.

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